Heat Stroke Symptoms, Prevention, First Aid & Treatment in Urdu & English

How to Avoid Sun/Heat Stroke?
With summers approaching in Pakistan, there is serious threat of heat stroke in Sindh once again. It is very important for the residents in Sindh to know how to avoid heat stroke? Heat is not something to be ignored. It can cause serious problems for health. The consequences include problems in breathing, palpitation, dehydration and ultimately heat stroke. The situation can become so serious that it can claim the life of any individual.

The heat stroke is very dangerous for the elderly, for the young ones and for those who are not well for a long time and have a serious ailment. Such individuals can be easily hit by the heat stroke. They are in more danger as compared to others. The people staying a longer part of the day outside are also the possible victims of the heat stroke.

Heat Stroke Symptoms
The person suffering from heat stroke may complaint about having headache. Once the heat stroke problem is faced, the victim usually tells of feeling dizzy and has a feeling of tiredness. He might feel extremely thirsty due to reduced water content in the body, or dehydration. The after math of such symptoms is weakness, lethargicness, and muscular cramps. The muscular fatigue therefore has strong impact upon the working ability also. The complainant finds red marks all over his body which are accompanied with an itchy feeling. The ultimate signs of seriousness include high fever, nausea and vomiting. If you feel any of these symptoms it is better to contact the nearest heat stroke centre set up by the sindh government.

Heat Stroke Treatment
If you have any loved one around you suffering from heat stroke, it is better to give him a cooler environment. It is very important to provide him with first aid before going to the hospital. Take him inside to a room fitted with air conditioner. Give him cold drinks and remove access clothes. Try to bring the temperature down from 102 or 101 degree. Bathe him with cold water. Massage his body especially areas like neck, arm pits and the back with ice. Make him stand under the shower or ask him to sit in the tub of water. If he is conscious give him a lot of juices and water. The victim of heat stroke generally faces water and mineral deficiency, which can be overcome by giving ORS. The diet is given in the hospital with the help of intervenes or IV system.

Sun Stroke Prevention & Precautions
Prevention is always better than cure. Instead of bringing yourself to a point where medication becomes a must, it is better to take precautions. Avoid going out in the peak heated hours between 11 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. Avoid any outside activity in this time. If you are out try to stay in shady areas and decrease the work load in these hectic hours. Be a supportive citizen. If you find anyone around you having signs of heat stroke, it is better to help him. Drink a lot of water and eat homemade foods.
Your health and life are the first priority. Government of Sindh has set up number of heat stroke areas in every locality, which can be contacted in any risk time.

Heat Stroke Symptoms, Prevention, First Aid & Treatment in Urdu & English

Heat Stroke Symptoms, Prevention, First Aid & Treatment in Urdu & English

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