How to Become a Successful Speaker? Top Ten Public Speaking Tips

How to Deliver a Killer Speech or Presentation? Top Ten Public Speaking Tips
Today we shall discuss top ten public speaking tips with you for becoming a successful speaker. These top ten public speaking tips will help you a lot in your practical life. We shall soon write more articles on public speaking and delivering a presentation.
1-Strong Desire
If you want to become a successful public speaker then first thing you need is to have a strong will to achieve your goal. You cannot become a successful public speaker, if your desire is only superficial. Not only your desire should be strong but it should also be intense.

How to Become a Successful Speaker? Top Ten Public Speaking Tips

How to Become a Successful Speaker? Top Ten Public Speaking Tips

2-Knowledge of The Subject
You must have sufficient knowledge of the subject of your talk. This will equip you with confidence to talk with authority before your audience. A speaker becomes confused on two occasions, first, when he has not prepared his speech well and second when he has nothing to say on the subject. Great leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Churchill used to plan their speeches well in advance, so always go for a speech with sound knowledge of the subject. And for this purpose build the habit of reading good books with full concentration.

3-Speak with Confidence
Successful speaker must have great confidence, so develop the courage to face the audience. Always act bravely and confidently before the audience. Avoid nervousness and pressure of audience. Don’t take audience as pack of hounds. On the other hand think that you are superior to them as you are addressing them just like their leaders. For this purpose you must practice acting fearlessly and courageously. Try to develop the qualities of boldness, courage and confidence continuously. Only practice can help you in attaining these qualities.

4-Practice Makes a Man Perfect
There is no substitute for practice. Try to grab every opportunity for speaking which comes in your way. This real life experience will turn you into a successful speaker. It will also improve your speaking skill and confidence level. Chose a subject of your choice prepare a small speech and then practice it alone in your room in front of a full length mirror. This is a time tested technique so take it seriously. While practicing, imagine, as if you are speaking in front of a large crowd. This practice will help you to detect your defects in your pronunciation, voice and actions and you will be able to correct them in time. By continuous and persistent practice many ordinary persons became great speakers.

5-Determination to Succeed
Without determination you cannot achieve success in any field of life. Determination is also a key element for becoming a successful speaker. It is by shere will power that man has performed the feats which were considered impossible in the past. So put your mind and heart into this aim of yours to become an excellent orator.

6-Sincerity of Purpose
If you are sincerely making efforts to to develop your speech power, then there will be no obstacle which you cannot overcome. Nepoleon has rightly said that the word impossible is only in the dictionary of fools.

7-Good Vocabulary
Always try to improve your word power as words are power. Words are your stock in trade, so you must have command over large and powerful vocabulary. You also need to learn the exact meaning and correct pronunciation of words. For this purpose read good books and dictionaries.

8-Winner’s Mindset
Always appear on the stage with winner’s mindset. You must have confidence that you can easily deliver a killer presentation or speech.

9-Learn To Control Your Body Language
There must be a coordination between your words and body movements. You can learn this art by practice.

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