How To Earn Money With Ethical Hacking? Career, Scope, Courses & Tips

How To Make Money Through Internet Security & Ethical Hacking? Courses, Super Tips, Career & Scope
Every human being has an instinct of getting praised. Specially youngsters often want to be popular and famous over night. This urge of becoming is a reason behind hacking the websites. Hacking has become very common and you must have come across many young minds thinking to do so. If these immature minds are not dealt with properly, then their desire can result in a great problem in future.

How To Earn Money With Ethical Hacking? Career, Scope, Courses & Tips

How To Earn Money With Ethical Hacking? Career, Scope, Courses & Tips

How to Deal with the Hacking Lovers?
It is found that the youth between the ages 15 and 22 want to do the hacking. It is believed that these kind of youngsters must be dealt with harshly, but being strict can be really problematic. The other way out is to direct them towards the field of ethical hacking. Ethical hacking is becoming popular with many organizations who want to protect their data and this can be done through these ethical hackers. They are also known as IT security specialists. The job is tough and complicated yet the positive aspect is that it is in demand in the research based institutions.

What is Hacking?
Hacking in simple words means stealing the data on the computer system, using Internet based programs. The hacker gets into the system of another institution or organization by making use of his computer mind. Hacking is considered as a crime in the eyes of the legal authorities of all the countries. The hacker is penalized for his illegal actions. Many organizations have found an alternative to this by hiring the ethical hackers.

What is Ethical Hacking?
The field of IT is expanding day by day. In such expansion the risk of hacking is also increasing by many folds. Billions of dollars are involved in the worldwide IT based businesses. Therefore, it becomes essential to protect it. Thus, the business holders are looking for those who can protect them and their businesses from these data hackers. This is also ensured by those brains who are skillful in the field of IT and can give protection to the data. They are known as Ethical hackers.

Today number of financial institutions are looking for a secure system and the data protection. Therefore, there is a massive increase in the demand of the ethical hackers. Such institutions hire these people by giving a handsome amount. Here, these ethical hackers work as IT security specialists. They try to find the security holes in the system and then remove them.

According to the latest IT research between the years 2010 and 2016, more than 50 billion dollars have been spent to fight against hacking. An ethical hacker can earn between 100000 to one million rupees in a month depending on its expertise.

Recommended CoursesĀ 
To begin with the ethical hacker needs an A+ certification. Following this it is required to get Network+ or CCNA. Finally, the Security+ certificate can pave your way to become an ethical hacker through an informal way. For formal education you will have to get BSCS and MSCS degrees with specialization in ethical hacking.

Once you are done with the certification the final step is to appear in an online examination organized by International Organization of E-commerce Consultants. Once you pass this examination you can offer your services to any organization looking for the ethical hackers.

How To Make Money With Ethical Hacking? Career & ScopeĀ 
1-You may earn money with ethical hacking through various methods like;
2-Job in Internet security service provider companies, software houses, ecommerce websites, smart phone and laptop industry, cyber crime units of law enforcement agencies, banks, defense and government organizations.
3-Through providing freelance IT security services on freelancing websites like upwork, elance, freelancer and odesk.
4-By training the youngsters in the field of ethical hacking.
5-By opening your own company for providing internet security services.
6-By developing plugins, softwares and mobile applications for IT security.
7-By joining the faculty of IT in universities.
8-By identifying flaws in security system of multinational companies and websites.
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