How to Avoid Hacking & Blackmailing? Top Ten Tips

How To Fight Against Hacking & Online Blackmailing? Top Ten Super Tips & Precautions
Due to the increased and easy access to the various softwares it has become easier to hack any website. Pakistan is leading the world of electronic communications in the region after India. The mobile Internet packages are easily available at very low rates. The current statistics reveal that more than 40 million customers are using the smart phones in Pakistan and their majority uses the Internet too.

How To


How to Avoid Hacking & Blackmailing? Top Ten Tips

Although to some extent it is an encouraging trend, but this has a negative side too. The negative use is being encouraged, while there are number of cases of women exploitation reported every year. In such threatening scenario it is very important to take the following top ten points into consideration to protect yourself and your loved ones from the blackmailing and hacking:

Top Ten Golden Tips For Combating Against Hacking & Digital Blackmailing
1-It is very important to have a strong password. The password is the access to your accounts and therefore it should be protected. Also add security settings to each of your account, in this case if anyone tries to illegally use your account you will be notified. In case, you get a similar notification, immediately change all passwords. It is better to have different passwords for all accounts.

2-Once your account is hacked it is essential to inform the administration of the website about the hacking incident. It becomes even more important if you are not able to recover your account after resetting the password.

3-Don’t hesitate informing your family and friends. Ask them to avoid communication on your hacked site/account. If you fear that some danger might occur, it is better to inform your family, before the site administration gets in touch with you.

4-If the blackmailers are trying to harass you, don’t get carried away. It is not necessary that they would not harm you or would delete your personal data after you fulfill their demands, so never accept their demands and contact FIA immediately.

5-Blackmailing is a crime. Once you are threatened take help immediately from national support centre for cyber crime. Reach them with all necessary evidence and your details, because they do not help anonymous calls. If you are a child, then the help must be taken with the help of your Guardian. It is important to notify any cyber crime unit of FIA to save from any future problems. This can be helpful for your friends also. Any threatening call is not dealt with by the FIA. You can either visit the office or give details through the email address FIA helpline number is 9911. You may also file your complaint online at following link

Click Here To File Your Online Complaint Against Any Cyber Crime Like Hacking & Blackmailing 

6-If any of your friends or acquaintances has become a victim of blackmailing and is not able to tell the same to his family, don’t hesitate to help him.

7-If you have doubt about the culprit that he belongs to any of the institution then don’t ignore it. Try to get all possible information about his location.

8-Change your passwords frequently, specially in case of theft of your smart phone or laptop change your all passwords immediately. Use dual verification option on facdbook, gmail and twitter. It will protect your account.

9-Never login to your website or public accounts from any Internet club or laptop or smart phone of any other person. Never reply to anonymous emails and friend requests.

10-Last but not least our legal team is also at your disposal for free legal advice. We have given contact details of all offices of NRSC below this page. Stay connected with and its facebook page for guidance about Internet security.

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