Home Tuition Pros & Cons-Tips for Home Tutor Search

How To Search Best Home Tutor? Super Tips About Home Tuition
Home tuition has become a common phenomenon especially among those people who can afford it. But it’s not a right decision as your kids should learn to live and work among the community. It has been observed by senior educationists that the students who study with other students show better performance/results in exams than those students who study at home alone.

Home Tuition Pros & Cons-Tips for Home Tutor Search

Home Tuition Pros & Cons-Tips for Home Tutor Search

Availability of qualified and pious home tutor is also a big problem, as better qualified persons don’t like to teach students at their home. It’s also an insult of teacher and this sacred profession that instead of sending your kids to teacher’s home or academy you call him on your door steps with the power of your money. It has also been observed that such students and their parents treat the home tutors like their personal servant. Not just Islam, but all the religions of world preach that teachers should be given due respect. Such students cannot succeed in life who don’t respect their teachers.

Children keenly observe the attitude and behavior of their parents and follow it. So if someone is even not satisfied with the performance of his children’s home tutor even then he should talk to him separately. It’s better to cultivate the self-study habit in your children, but if you feel that they need some extra guidance try to guide them yourself. There is no alternative of your personal attention and it’s also your primary duty towards your kids. If the parents are not qualified enough to teach their kids, then it’s better to consult class teacher of your children to have an idea that either they need some extra guidance or not.

All the parents should attend the parent teachers meeting. In case the institute of your kids don’t call parent teacher meeting, then you should meet the Principal and class teachers of your kids at least once in a month for having better idea about the educational progress of your children. If your child is performing well, then just encourage him and let him study his self. Self-study habit also increases the confidence of children, but if you feel that he/she needs some extra coaching then admit him/her in a reputed coaching center and monitor his/her progress carefully.

Somehow or other if you could not find a proper coaching center, then you may hire a home tutor but instead of taking the services of hiring agencies you should search the tutor on net. You can see the profiles of many home tutors on classified ad sites like olx. As these hiring agencies take the fee of first month from tutor and he /she has to teach your kid without or with 50% less fee for first month. These agents are exploiting the home tutors, so avoid them as no one can concentrate on his/her work without being paid. Majority of parents decide about the performance of the tutor during the first month and tutor is not paid money in the first month, so he feel difficulty in concentrating on his job. So it’s better to contact the tutor directly without involving any agent through internet or newspaper ad.

If you have girl child then try to hire female tutor, as you should not forget the famous Saima Arshad case. Hire the tutor after necessary screening, but after hiring treat him/her in a respectful manner. It’s better to sit in the same room with the kids at the time of coaching. Don’t hire tutors just to show off your wealth and status. This will be harmful for your children’s future. If your children don’t need tutor then let them study independently. You may send them for test sessions before the exams.

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