How To Understand Body Language? Tips in English & Urdu

Self Help-Learn the Art of Reading Body Language- Super Tips in Urdu and English.
Body language is the easiest way to decipher what other person is thinking and what does he want. Of course, everyone wants to read other’s mind. It is quite interesting to know that your body language and movement say a lot about your thoughts and intentions. Even the things you try to hide. A research conducted in University of California, Los Angeles, United States says that during communication, words play only 7% role. 38% role is played by voice tone and other whole 55% is solely played by body language. It shows that just through body language, you can know too much about a person. Therefore, keep in observation these few things.

Six Body Language Tips

1-Keep your gaze on hands and legs:
Hand-on-hand or leg-on-leg shows that other person disagrees with your opinion. No matter if he is smiling and conversation is taking place in a delightful environment, body language shows contrary. Henry Calero made more than 2000 videos of conversation for his book about body language and found that all the conversations in which parties were sitting leg-on-leg disagreed with each other. It is psychology proven that a person sitting hand-on-hand or leg-on-leg denies the thing. Though he doesn’t sit this way intentionally.

2-Real smile:
Lips can deceive when someone smiles, but eyes cannot. Real smile reaches eyes and creates wrinkles close to them. People smile to pretend, to hide their real thoughts and feelings. So, if you see a person smiling but don’t find wrinkles alongside his eyes, know that he is hiding something for sure.

3-Doing the same thing:
If a person in front of you shakes hand the same way you do, or moves his head as you do then know that he is liking your thoughts, agrees and accepts your opinions.

4-Eyes telling lie:
We are grown hearing that talk someone seeing right into his eyes. A person cannot lie this way. But in this era, people tell lies looking right into eyes. And it is for too much time that we start feeling bad. Here’s when you can know the person is lying. A normal human can stare in someone’s eyes from 7-10 seconds. If a talking person stares in your eyes longer than this period, it is clear that he is telling lies.

5-Stretched Eyebrows:
Our eyebrows show three types of emotions. Wonder, worry and fear. You can know if someone’s eyebrows are stretched that he’s worried of afraid.

6-Jaws, Neck and Forehead:
Pressure on jaws, stretched neck and wrinkles on forehead show pressure and worry. It doesn’t matter what the person is saying, these sign show his anxiety or worrisome.

At the end, if you see that words are not cooperating with the body language than understand matter is quite grave. You may read an Urdu article about “how to study body language” below this post. Visit self help, tips how to categories of daily for reading knowledge base articles.

How To Understand Body Language? Tips in English & Urdu

How To Understand Body Language? Tips in English & Urdu


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