Get Online WASA Bill & File Your Complaint Against WASA Lahore

Download WASA Duplicate Bill – File Online Complaint

Water and Sanitation Agency (WASA) was founded by the efforts of Lahore Development Authority during 1976. Their main task is the planning, designing, development and maintenance of all water related tasks including supply sewerage and the draining system of Lahore. Various Directorates were also set up to complete the assignment. An integral element of this responsibility was the delivery of a water supply which is safe, reliable and efficient and fulfills demands of all the sectors.

Get Online WASA Bill & File Your Complaint Against WASA Lahore

Get Online WASA Bill & File Your Complaint Against WASA Lahore

Use the window given below for downloading your WASA bill. For getting your online WASA duplicate bill you will have to enter your 8 digit account number, which is provided in your WASA bill and then push the submit button.

The Organization of WASA is chaired by the Managing Director, who is further helped by three Deputy Managing Director namely DMD Finance, Administration & Revenue, DMD Operation & Maintenance, and DMD Engineering. There are approximately 6200 WASA employees in various departments. WASA’s main source of revenue are from selling water, removing sewerage and aquifer.

The Provincial Government gives share of property tax. The budget and increase in user charges is authenticated by the Government of the Punjab itself. The sanction of expenditure and procurement is governed by the financial rules given by the government.

WASA Lahore is looking forward to be an ideal organization that gives quality service to its always increasing number of consumers who want an excellent source of services in the shape of the staff of WASA which is appreciated for being devoted and committed staff. WASA Lahore is looking forward for a better city for the coming generations. It wants the city to be environment loving and a cleaner one.

Currently WASA is offering quality consumer services in th area of Water Supply and Sewerage. It is assured that whatever measure is taken it is cost effective and makes contribution in the developmental works. There is strict following of ethics and the higher authorities show zero tolerance for corruption. The non developmental tasks are done through the adequate revenues generated and preserved. Thus, the entire system is self- sustainable. The department pays a lot of attention on the personal grooming and development of the employers. The mission is accomplished through regular trainings.

In case the customer has some grievance related to any water related matters they are welcome to launch the complaint any time. This can be done by using the phone line or the online service. Online service will be provided soon, The online service will be efficient and available 24/7. There are multiple advantages of the online services. On one hand they give an opportunity to get a duplicate bill and on the other it is essential for launching the complaints. The swift action is ensured by the agency to answer the problem. Read the ad given on this page for details about helpline number. Stay connected with and its facebook page for guidance about downloading duplicate bills of utilities including WASA bill.





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