Career in The Field of Finance, Intro, Job Prospects, Subjects, Scope

Scope of Studying Finance in Pakistan, Introduction, Topics, Career Counseling, Programs, Job Options
When we talk about the money management factor and investment banking sector then this field of finance plays an important role. There are three sub fields of this sector and they are public finance, personal finance and lastly we have corporate finance. You will get the best job if your BBA degree and your MBA degree will be specialized in the subject of accounting and finance.


Career in The Field of Finance, Intro, Job Prospects, Subjects, Scope

Always prefer this specialization because it will give you long lasting benefits in your professional life. Even the individual can do MS in this subject, you can do Phd in this same subject. Though it is a tough subject and if your basics and foundation are strong then you can make tremendous achievements in this field. So without wasting any time, all the finance field professionals, they can more explore and study this field in a detail way from here. You will know the beginner level and experienced level jobs related to this accounting and finance field from here.

Subjects Taught in Finance Degree Programs
If your undergraduate degree program or your post graduation degree is done in this finance subject then you will study these courses and they are managerial economics, credit and risk management. The student has to study in a detail way these courses which includes Islamic mode of financing, economics, corporate finance, e-commerce, basics of financial computing, investment analysis.

This finance degree programs includes and packed with the course lines of portfolio management, SME management, business mathematics, business statistics.

We have research methods, financial statement analysis, financial management, information systems, money and banking which are important courses of this program. The students belonging to finance field have to study and pass the subjects of financial accounting, total quality management too. Lastly, we have business labor and law, taxation management, business communication subjects which are part of finance semester based program as well.

Jobs And Employment Options in Finance Sector
This field offers so much high pay jobs, like working in the banks, financial institutions, non government organizations is always open for you. Working in the print media, financial consultancies, audit firms, corporate sector are more seamless and convenient options for you. These marketing firms, chamber of commerce, forex trading firms, excise and taxation department demand finance field professionals too.

This field professionals can really get adjusted in the management colleges and universities, stock markets, electronic media. Serving in the Islamic banks, import and export companies, business houses can be great for you. The AG office, finance and planning department demand finance sector experienced people.

Career Scope in Finance
These same professionals can work as a financial consultant, lecturer, general banking officer, auditor, Islamic banker, financial manager. Serve as a financial analyst, researcher, forex trader, loan officer, personal financial adviser.

Working as a government servant, financial writer or as an e-commerce expert, insurance sales agent is suitable for you. These individuals are even comfortable to work as a finance journalist, stock broker, importer and exporter.

Stay tuned and future scope of finance field will be shared and uploaded over here.

Scope of MBA Banking & Finance in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Subjects

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