Scope of Music Study (Musicology), Career Options, Programs, Topics

Career in Music Industry, Scope, Degrees, Subjects, Skills Needed, Job Options & Ethnomusicology Tips
It is true that Muslim mystic leaders, they used qawali so that Islam can be spread right in the Indian sub continent. Also note that Silsale Chishtiya, they are still using the medium of Qawali so that the non believers in India can turn out to be Muslims. The position and status of music in Islam cannot be denied. If you have heard the religious qawalis of Late Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, then you will 100% understand the importance of music. Music is just like a soul, if you get successful in getting connected and making a strong connection with music, then your soul will become pure and you will automatically feel inner happiness and satisfaction. Do you know that why people feel so satisfied and connected when they listen to religious, spiritual qawalis, because they are full of deeper meanings. Here we will explore this music field, let us see what music type is promoted in our Islam religion and what much type put a strong impact on you:


Scope of Music Study (Musicology), Career Options, Programs, Topics

Late Junaid Jamshed Transforming from a Pop Singer Into a Naat Khawaan
Late Junaid Jamshed used to be a pop singer, when he completely turned to Islam and joined the tableeghi jamaat, then he clearly stated that music is haraam in Islam if used in an incorrect way. It is just the religious qawalis and naat which are allowed in our religion.

If you are one of the true Muslims and being the fundamentalist, the correct implementation of music should be acknowledged like in the versions of Hamde Baari Tallah and naat sharif. It is according to the belief of secular people that music has no religion, it follows no limits and boundaries. These secular people believe that music should not be related or get connected with the religious aspect.

Degrees Offered in Music Study (Ethnomusicology) Field
Students can be doing the masters degree in music, masters degree in the music performance. He or she can opt the masters degree in music therapy, masters degree in music theory or you can also do the masters degree in the music teacher education.

Subject Offered in Music Study (Musicology)
You will be studying these subjects if you get any level degree in the field of music and the subjects are history of music, classical musics, chords. You will too study the course of urdu and regional poetry, philosophy of music, notation, sufi and folk music, musicology, dramatic arts.

Then the music degree programs have to study the subjects of composition, elements of musics, principles of music.

Jobs in Music Industry
This is a dynamic profession and sector and you can become a piano technician, musician, composer. You can serve as a musicology department manager, musicology therapist, speech pathologist, lecturer, cantor.

Then serving in this music field can let you to become a musical instrument builder, musical instrument repairing technician. The dedicated music field professional can become a poet, director, dance director, dance critic, instrument craftsman, voice therapist.

You can survive in this music field if you know the basic techniques of playing instruments You should have a deep desire to remain dedicated towards this industry line.