Marketing Vs Finance-Which Field is The Best For You

Comparison Between Marketing & Finance Fields in Urdu & English For Students of Business Administration & Management Sciences 
Many students are confused that which field is right for them, they find themselves in the middle of the road that whether they should move their career lines on the marketing path or on the finance path, we will guide you. Both of these domains and fields of study, they have made their distinguished presence in the business sector. If the importance of marketing professionals cannot be neglected then the need of these finance professionals cannot be neglected too. These two departments have become one of the primary departments in any company, both of them have to keep on running so that a company can keep on growing too. It is the duty of the marketing department that they have to generate revenues and profits and it is the important duty of the finance department that they have to transport these revenues to different departments so that maximum growth can be assured.

Job Options in Marketing And Finance Field
Here we will be analyzing these two fields, you will correctly then be able to assess that which field is right for you. One should be investigating both of these fields properly so that a wise decision can be made by the individuals. Both of these fields have a wide scope and there are many growth oriented professions which you can opt! So let us all get started. Jobs like that of a marketing manager, sales representative and market research analyst, as a communication specialist and as a digital marketing specialist, they are open for marketing field professionals. Then jobs as an accountant, as a finance controller, budget analyst, as a business analyst, they are open for finance field professionals.

Finance Field
This field is both packed with pros and cons sides of it. In the finance field, you can have many career choices as compared to rest of the domains and fields. If you are choosing this point that you want to become a finance professional then your chances to get the desired job will be more. It depends on your technical skills that how far you will be successful. You should know how to do financial analysis and you should have the skill o doing valuation as well as financial modeling.

For a finance field, you have to choose a core and specific finance domain. If you will keep on working in the general finance field line, then you will not get that much lucrative amount of compensation.

Marketing Field
This field can easily let you to maintain your work life balance. This field can really give you a great amount of compensation. It is a lucrative field and you will be paid well.

But this field and job line is more of a kind of personality kind of job rather than a technical nature job. If you have a composed and great personality, then you can work well in this field for a long time.

This is how both of these fields are different from each other. Which one you will prefer, let us know and also read our following article on digital marketing.

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Marketing Vs Finance-Which Field is The Best For You

Marketing Vs Finance