Scope of MBA Banking & Finance in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Subjects

Career & Scope of MBA Banking and Finance in Pakistan, Career Counseling, Eligibility Criteria, Jobs, Subjects

Are you interested in doing MBA banking and finance? If yes then before that, you should have complete details on this program. This master level program of MBA, many of the students do their specialization in marketing or in the subject of human resource management and some of the students do their specialization in the subject of banking and finance.

This is a great specialization and option if you want to become a banker or you want to become a financial manager. For the females especially, this is a recommended specialization option for them. There is no doubt that this banking sector is one of the ever green sectors and field lines in the whole world. Student love this program because after completing it, they get so many career prospects.

Career & Scope of MBA-Admission, Subjects, Jobs, Eligibility & Institutes

Scope of MBA Banking & Finance in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Subjects

All About MBA Banking and Finance
By completing this MBA program, you will be able to complete double specializations, that you will pass your MBA degree in both of the banking and finance subjects, this is the double specialization trend which we are seeing these days. The need of bankers cannot be denied, every single multi national company, they will always require the services of banking experts so that the white collar crimes can be detected.

In the same way, the government owned bodies, like we have NAB and FIA, they also need of such banking professionals all the time. For the post of MTO which stands for management trainee officers, they demand from the candidates to be possessed with the degree of MBA banking and finance.

Subjects Part of MBA Banking & Finance
Now let us talk about the subjects which you will study in this program and they are accounting, economic analysis, business mathematics, management of organizations, information technology management. You will also study these courses and they are bank accounting, monetary and fiscal policy, business statistics, business communication, service excellence, the subject and course of banking laws an practices, financial management, marketing of financial services, organization behavior and research methodology.

Eligibility for MBA Banking and Finance
If you have done BA studies or you have passed the programs of B.Sc or Bcom and you have second division, then you can apply in the MBA program which has 3.5 years span. It means that those who have 14 years of education, their MBA degree span will be 3.5 years. If you have passed the BBA program studies and you have 16 years of education then your MBA program will have the duration of 1.5 years.

Scope of MBA Banking & Finance
You can have jobs in the banks or in the financial institutions, you can work as a financial affair consultant or as a banking affair consultant. Job posts like we have management trainee officer, operational manager, the post of manager, you can be on these posts if you have this degree. You can work as a general banker or as a financial manager, you can work as a credit officer or as a recovery officer, you can also work as a business development manager or as a financial adviser.

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