Career Counseling-Comparison Between Medicine & Engineering

Career Counseling For FSc Students-Comparison Between Medicine & Engineering Fields

When it comes to the studying of Medicine & Engineering then both of these fields have their own toughness levels! It has been researched that to study medicine or if you want to study engineering, both of them are now counted and marked as one of the popular and famous options by far. These sorts of fields give us the best and amazing career opportunities. If we say that which one are the most wanted and most in demand careers for the students then we will always count the names of Medicine & Engineering! It gets much confusing that whether you should go for this medicine field or should you opt for this engineering field. From this page, you can have a look at their basic and main differences.
The difference between Medicine & Engineering has become quite a debating one

If you will get done with this four years of education of engineering study then you can easily get a decent and nice paying job. On the other hand, if you will be able to do at least and about 8 years education of medicine then you can get some job for yourself.

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Career Counseling-Comparison Between Medicine & Engineering

For a medical student, you should have a 4 years of MBBS degree and also one year of internship. You should have done three year masters program in some related and concerned medical field of yours. It is largely because of the nobility aspect of this field of medicine career that most of the students gets attracted to this field. But when it comes to the differences between the field of medicine and engineering, much of the differences gets highlighted.

Field of engineering
For the information, this field of Engineering is the application and practical implementation of scientific and practical knowledge. If you want to design and build structures and too machines, then you have to study this program. This field lets you to discover new and latest things. If you want to get associated to this field then you need to be master enough in the practical thinking. You also need to have a good IQ level.

How can you opt for this field of engineering?
You can opt the major subjects like physical and chemistry and too math. You should study these subjects in your 11th grade. Then you will appear for the entrance exams so that you can get admission in the engineering college.
You can too go for the diploma course in any of the engineering field right after clearing your class 10th. You can have a 3 year diploma.

Field of medicine
In India, we have seen that it is The Medical Council of India (MCI) that actually controls and too monitors the medical Education in the country India. The duration of total time period of this MBBS course is four years or you can say 54 months. The students will go through the one year of internship in the form of Compulsory Rotating Residential Internship as well.
Difference between both Medicine & Engineering fields

Difference of income
It is observed that for the engineers, they can easily manage big and massive salary packages. On the other hand, doctors earn less. Almost all of the engineers, thet start earning their salaries right after 4 years of their study. On the other side, doctors have to complete their 8 years of educational program to start earning income for theiselves.

Difference of finding a best job forĀ their-selves
It is seen that the opportunities of Jobs in the field of engineering is quite less. We see massive competition among the engienering students. These engineering students do not get a job easily. The doctors easily get their jobs. They do not see any kind of shortage of jobs.

Difference related to nature of job
A doctor cures the human bodies, while an engineer deals with machine.

Difference of challenges
You will see bunch of challenges faced by you if you are a part of this medicine job because this field of medicine looks a bit of difficult one. With respect to the engineering field, it is normally seen that people are associated and linked with the office work. They have their specific and fixed working hours.

Difference of Future Study Options
FSc Pre Medical students have limited further study options, while FSc Pre Engineering students can get admission in many alternative options of BE which have great scope too.

Difference of having a leisure time
If you are planning to become a doctor then keep in mind that you have to forget your social life. You will have no time for any of the fun activities. For the engineerign people, the get free and leisure time in their lives. They do not have such hectic schedules as compared to the medicine people.
This is all about the comparison of the fields of Medicine & Engineering.

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