Best Courses After B.Com in Pakistan, Career Counseling Tips

Career Counseling on Best Programs After Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) in Pakistan, Golden Tips
Today we shall share some career counseling tips with you about further study options after Bachelor of Commerce in Pakistan. Those who have passed this B.Com degree, they will for sure come across with so many job options. The banking sector, then we have financial institutions, they welcome bachelor of commerce degree holders. Have you thought that which career options you can have on the table if you have got B.Com degree, we will explain you clearly and in detail. In Pakistan, we see equally the higher demand of this degree. Students who have done bachelor studies in this field, they go for post graduation studies, M.Phil studies and then further go for PHD level option. The field of commerce and all its related programs are the fusion of business and economics subjects, finance and accounting subjects. So whenever you will enter in the world of commerce, you will be gifted with many high job position options.

Career Counseling

Best Courses After B.Com in Pakistan, Career Counseling Tips

Career Counseling Tips For Further Study Options After BCom
Go for CA Degree
It is by enrolling in the institute of chartered accountants that you complete this study. So if you have 100% and officially passed B.Com studies, then the great decision from your side if you will move on the journey of CA studies.

CMA Degree Option
This is the certified management degree option for you. This CMA program duration is only 1 year so it will be great if you will include it in your professional academic journey.

More Career Options for
To go for CPA degree option which is certified public accounting option, this is also recommended for you. Your expertise level will get a boost if you will pursue such sort of degree options.

We have BAT degree for you which is the degree of business accounting and taxation. The basics of accounts, method of making journal entries are taught in this program.

For B.Com students, the simple option which they can opt is to pick up the M.Com study option. This option is for those students who believe in specialization in their field of study.

To be in the business line, you can have MBA option on your table. As you can well assess from the details that this degree has so much enriching and extensive options. This MBA preference is a great idea even if you have completed bachelors of commerce degree.

We too have MPA program and it is highly suggested to the B.Com graduate students.

There is another best option for you and it is to pick up the PGD degree.

These bachelor of commerce students can select MIT degree or MCS degree for themselves. By getting any one of these degrees, you will get know how of both commerce and IT fields. So this is the productive combination which you can pursue.

You can pass income tax practitioner exam for becoming taxation advisor and becoming member of your local tax bar.

So all these options are truly great, perfect and productive for B.Com students. If you have clearly decided that what you are going to do after your undergraduate commerce studies, then do share your plans with us. We will highlight you for sure on the regular basis that what other platforms and career doors are opened for commerce degree professionals. If you can think of some other career window which is linked to this field, you can let us know. Stay connected with us for more career counseling tips.