Career & Scope of M.Com (Master of Commerce) Degree in Pakistan, Subjects, Jobs

Career Counseling About Scope of M.Com (Master of Commerce) Program in Pakistan, Subjects & Jobs
We know that most of the students are interested in doing these master of commerce studies which is also called as M.Com degree program. Here you will get the details of this course program, this is the degree program in which you catch up with the information of commerce and accounting fields, you know about the business taxation and policies details, you get complete info on the sectors of auditing and marketing as soon as you become the part of this degree program. This is a commerce linked field line and the student enrolled in this program know all about the requirements attached to the e commerce field line.

Career & Scope of M.Com (Master of Commerce) Degree in Pakistan, Subjects, Jobs

Career & Scope of M.Com (Master of Commerce) Degree in Pakistan, Subjects, Jobs

All About M.Com Master of Commerce Degree
The courses like that of financial risk management and auditing taxation, these are the basic courses and subjects which are part of this program. You can easily get a job in the financial institutions if you have this M.Com degree, basically you are prepared for the entry level positions while you have this degree with you. The in-depth knowledge on the subjects like micro economics as well as on the subject of macro economics, then the knowledge on financial management subject and risk management subject is provided. This is the commerce field which tell you about the money market tactics and you know about the ways of raising capital as well.

Subjects Parts of M.Com Degree
You can enroll in the program of masters of commerce if you have finished your B.Com studies and this is the complete list of courses which are part and offered in this program. They are subjects of research methods in business, managerial economics, principles of marketing, principles of management, business communication, applied statistics, financial management, accounting information system, entrepreneurship, international business, human resource management, corporate law, organizational behavior, total quality management, commerce, production and operation management.

You also study these courses which are cost and management accounting, strategic management, international finance, Islamic finance, corporate finance, project management, analysis of financial statement, cost accounting applications, finance reporting and disclosure.

Job Options for M.Com (Master of Commerce) Degree Holders
Now coming towards the job options which are opened for these MCom degree holders, you can work in the banks as management trainee officers, then you can serve in the brokerage houses as investment consultants.

There is an option for you to work in the marketing department of any firm, you can be working as a financial consultant or as a tax adviser in the legal firm. There are lot more financial institutions opened for you and they make an increase demand of these M.Com degree holders.

Then to work as a business consultant or as a financial adviser, working as a business analyst or risk analyst, serving as a money manager or as an investment analyst, these are lucrative job options which you can try.

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