What is The Scope of ACCA & CA in Pakistan? Guide in Urdu, English

Career & Scope of CA & ACCA in Pakistan and Abroad? Smart Tips in Urdu & English Languages
Here is the scope of ACCA & CA in Pakistan tips in Urdu & English. These ACCA and CA degree programs are linked to accounting and finance fields. Both these programs have a great scope in Pakistan. It is mostly seen that these chartered accountants are needed in the private multinational companies and firms. These ACCA and CA professionals have to look after accounting and auditing tasks.

Institute of Chartered Accountants Working in Pakistan
It was in 1961 that these degree programs were introduced and it was the initiative taken by the government of Pakistan which set up this Institute of Chartered accountants. If you want to opt CA profession career line then you should have a clear vision and determination set in your mind. If you are interested and focused in studying this CA degree program then you can pass it easily. All of the universities or institutes which offer these ACCA & CA studies, they are being controlled by this Institute of Chartered Accountants. For this degree of ACCA and CA, you should have enormous experience as well. In Pakistan, total 284 firms are registered with this institution. This institution is responsible to carry out the exams of these ACCA and CA programs. The duration of ACCA is 3 years and the duration of this CA program is 6 years.

Scope of ACCA and CA
These degrees are now becoming one of the fastest growing global accountancy degree programs. These programs have got a lot of extensive reputation. These programs gives students a lot of flexibility. You can get great and many job options if you will complete your ACCA and CA studies successfully. The fundamental subjects which you will study in these programs, they are accounting, business management, management accounting, financial accounting, business law, corporate law, performance management subject, taxation subject, audit and assurance subject, financial reporting subject. These programs also comprise of professional level subjects and you will be essentially learning these subjects too like corporate reporting, government risk and ethics subjects, business analysis subject, advanced financial management course, advanced taxation course, advanced performance management course. In these programs, you will not be moved to the next level and phase until you will be passing your current exam phase. So every ACCA & CA student has to pass his previous exams, only then he can move to advanced stages of these degree programs.

If a student is extremely interested in studying these programs of ACCA and CA and he has a strong background and powerful concepts about these finance and accounting subjects, then he should make a career in these ACCA and CA field lines. For more of the details about the scope of ACCA & CA in Pakistan, stay tuned with us and our facebook page. These fine degree programs have more enriching features in them, more score of these degrees will be put up on this page.

What is The Scope of ACCA & CA in Pakistan? Guide in Urdu

What is The Scope of ACCA & CA in Pakistan? Guide in Urdu