Top Ten Tips About Writing a Cover Letter? Format. Templates

How To Write a Job Winning Cover Letter? Top Ten Super Tips, Examples & Format
Writing an effective cover letter is an art which every job seeker must learn, but unfortunately majority of candidates do not know this art. We are publishing series of articles on CV and cover letter writing skills, so that you may master this art for finding a job of your choice. Cover letter is your first introduction with employer, so devote some quality time and efforts for writing a job winning cover letter. A cover letter is not the summary of your resume, rather it complements your CV. It compels the employer to read your resume and call you for an interview. So always attach cover letter with your resume, even in case of soft copy correspondence (email). It also reflects your communication and convincing skills.

Top Ten Tips About Writing a Cover Letter? Format. Templates

Top Ten Tips About Writing a Cover Letter? Format. Templates

Objectives For Writing a Cover Letter
1- The first objective of a cover letter is to introduce you with the employer in an impressive way.
2- The second and most important objective of writing a cover letter is to explain highlights of your qualities, which relates the job, you are applying for.
3-Third and the last objective of a cover letter is making a convincing request for an interview.

Cover Letter Format
First Paragraph
Employer will read this paragraph first, so concentrate on it more. In opening paragraph state the position clearly for which you are applying. Then provide basic information about yourself and explain that how you learned about the job or company.

Second Paragraph
This is the most vital part of a cover letter. In this paragraph you will describe your background experience and qualifications, which make you fit for the post. Demonstrate that how you will be useful for the company. Explain that why you are interested for that specific position or organization.

Third Paragraph
State that you would like to have an opportunity to interview for proving your skills and learning to the employer. Indicate that you can provide any additional information on demand. Also indicate that how you will follow up for example you can write “I will like to contact you in the next week, to see if you require any additional documents or information”. In the last don’t forget to thank the employer for his consideration.

Top Ten Super Tips For Writing a Cover Letter
1-Proper homework is key to success for writing a cover letter.

2-Provide all the require information that has been asked in the job ad.

3-There is no need of mentioning such skills in cover letter which have no connection with the nature of job.

4-Always write short and brief paragraphs and avoid spelling as well as grammatical mistakes.

5-Presentation counts a lot in writing a cover letter, so your cover letter should look decent and professional.

6-An ideal cover letter reflects your motivation, enthusiasm and job related skills.

7-It is recommended that the font size of your CV and cover letter should be same.

8-Recommended font styles are Times New Roman, Arial or Calibri and font sizes from 10 to 12 points.

9-Don’t copy paste your CV or cover letter templates as originality also counts, so sorry we shall not provide you any cover letter template.

10-If you don’t know about the gender of Manager HR or employer, then write Dear Manager HR or Dear Sir/Dear Madam. Last but not least avoid using passive voice, long words and sentences while writing a cover letter. You will certainly liketoread our following article on CV format tips. .

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