All Skill Development Council SDC Courses-Benefits, Career & Scope

List of Skill Development Council SDC Courses With Their Scope 
Skill Development Council, Lahore has been set up by the Government of Pakistan according to the National Training Ordinance 1980, which was later amended up to 2002. Skill Development Council Lahore works on the principal of Public-Private Partnership, which is meant to ensure the active participation of Employers Federation of Pakistan [EFP] and Private Sector Businessmen. These mentions people were the founders of the Skill Development Council, Lahore. The basic idea behind the institution was not just planning, but actually identifying, developing and arranging the Vocational, Technical / Professional and IT Training Programs for the people of Pakistan. Training Programs were created such that they had flexibility. They were easily altered according to the demand. These all efforts were supposed to be cost effective. In this way the number of participants is maximized. Before carrying out the programs the SDC Lahore conducts the survey and the demand determines the courses to be offered. The basic idea is to make people self sufficient even if they have not received the higher qualifications.

SDC Lahore is a great link established between the employers, employees, training providers and the expected trainees. The SDC Lahore is doing a great job by estimating the requirements of a said geographical area and then arrange trainings accordingly. It also ensures the arrangement of various re-training programs also. Many programs are being carried out with the help of several other institutions in both private and public sector. It also makes sure that employment programs are available once the courses are over. This is done by acquiring the approval of NTB. Through SDC Lahore it is ensured that whatever education is being provided it is of high quality. These efforts ensure the work force is developed that has higher level of skill and the education required meeting the national needs regarding the workforce.

The year 2017 is coming with more opportunities and skills for the youth of Pakistan. Skill development Council has come up with new projects and courses. Keeping in view the need of the hour, computer education has become highly important. There are several jobs possible in the field of IT related departments. In fact there is not a single business of life, where it is not being used. For the upcoming courses computer and IT based courses are being offered. The other categories available include courses in soft skills and management.

Scope of Skill Development Council Courses 

Skill Development Council SDC is a public body and its courses are recognized all over the world, specially in Middle East countries. Foreign Ministry all verify its diplomas. Embassies of  many Arab and Middle East Countries also verify Skill Development Council’s diplomas. You may also get a diploma on the basis of your prior knowledge and learning. Distance learning and short term SDC courses are also available. SDC  diplomas are useful specially for  those skilled workers who do not have any qualification in their trade.

The SDC Lahore website has a detailed account of the courses waiting for the youth. You may view the List of latest SDC courses on this page too in image format.

All Skill Development Council SDC Courses-Benefits, Career & Scope

All Skill Development Council SDC Courses- Benefits, Career & Scope


All Skill Development Council SDC Courses- Benefits, Career & Scope

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