What is LAD? Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma in Pakistan, Subjects, Pay, Eligibility

What is Career & Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma in Pakistan, Subjects, Salary, Eligibility Criteria, Skills Needed
Livestock Assistant Diploma (LAD) is one of the most valuable diplomas in Pakistan, and one of the most important ones to achieve. Livestock Assistant Diploma is a two year diploma course and is open to people from all over the Pakistan. With a Livestock Assistant Diploma qualification, students will be able to work in a wide variety of  agricultural, veterinary and livestock roles. Students can even gain work experience whilst studying by completing placements on farms and ranches. It’s a great program to get started with if you’re new to the livestock business.  It is designed to teach students in all parts of the country how to become livestock assistants, livestock workers, animal caretakers, animal husbandry expert and other types of staff who care for animals on farms and ranches.



Nature of Job
Livestock assistant jobs offer a flexible schedule, great pay, and a supportive environment. Livestock assistants work closely with veterinarians on a daily basis and assist with any procedure that is performed. Depending on the specific facility, they may perform tasks like cleaning equipment, sterilizing equipment, feeding animals, cleaning medical facilities, cleaning cages, assisting with x-rays, blood draws, and assisting with medication administration. A typical day may include administering medications, providing first aid, performing diagnostic procedures, assisting with surgeries, and performing post-surgical checks.


What is LAD? Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma in Pakistan, Subjects, Pay, Eligibility

What is LAD? Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma in Pakistan, Subjects, Pay, Eligibility


The good news is that there are a wide variety of jobs within this industry, including positions as receptionists, veterinary assistants, livestock assistant and technicians. These jobs can be found in many locations around the world, such as livestock farms, fish farm, poultry farm, veterinary clinics, zoo, animal farms, circus, and hospitals.


Career Options in The Field of Livestock, Degrees, Scope, Jobs, Significance


Top Institutions Offering LAD Diploma in Pakistan
BZU Multan
Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Agriculture University Multan
Agriculture University Faisalabad,
Riphah University
Islamia University Bahawalpur


What is LAD? Scope of Livestock Assistant Diploma in Pakistan, Subjects, Pay, Eligibility

Subjects Taught in LAD

Following topics are covered in livestock assistant diploma;
Animal Breeding
Animal Reproduction
Clinical Medicine
Poultry Production
Livestock Management
Obstetrics and reproductive diseases
Clinical Surgery
Strategies and skill for Livestock extension
Preventive Medicine & Public Health
Animal & Poultry Nutrition
Books of LAD are available both in Urdu and English languages. Annual system is followed in this program.


Eligibility Criteria
45 numbers in SSC science are needed for admission in LAD diploma. Upper age limit is 22 years for admission in livestock assistant diploma. Candidates should have domicile, CNIC/Form B, matric result card and character certificate issued by head of your last school.



Skills Set Required For Livestock Assistant
1.This is just a small list of skills required for livestock assistant, which is usually a full-time position. These are the skills needed to work in a veterinary clinic.

2. Ability to work within a team.

3. Knowledge and experience working with animals.

4. Good communication skills.

5. Strong computer skills.

6. Experience working with the public.



Who Should Get Admission in LAD?

This program is for those that simply want to learn the basics of veterinary and livestock medicine and be able to start earning money right away. To earn your livestock assistant diploma, you’ll need to study just for 2 years.


Students in the Livestock assistant program receive a combination of training in animal anatomy, basic veterinary skills, animal behavior, and client service. During the training, students complete a required amount of work hours at participating local veterinary clinics, usually ranging from two to five hours a week. The programs are geared toward people interested in learning about veterinary technology and animal care in addition to having fun while getting paid to be around animals.



Benefits of Livestock Assistant Diploma
If you’re considering becoming a livestock assistant, there are many reasons why this may be a perfect career choice for you. There’s a huge demand for veterinary and livestock assistants and because of this, many vet clinics are having difficulty finding enough people to meet their needs. In addition, many vets are opening their own practices, making this a great opportunity for someone looking for a change in career path. Livestock assistants are often the first contact for clients, and they’re responsible for taking care of everything from clients’ finances to scheduling appointments. They also deal with client pets and report their conditions to veterinarians when necessary.



Responsibilities of LAD Diploma Holders
Livestock assistants are required to perform a wide array of duties, including assisting with exams and administering medications, surgical procedures and injections. Livestock assistants can help patients recover from surgeries and treat minor injuries. They may also have to clean the clinic and handle medical waste.


Final Thoughts

Last but not least LAD is best diploma after matric science specially for male youngsters from rural areas.