Career Options in The Field of Livestock, Degrees, Scope, Jobs, Significance

Scope of Studying Livestock Programs in Pakistan, Subjects, Nature of Work, Skills Required, Job Options
No doubt that this livestock field is an important at the domestic scale and also at the business scale. We just cannot think about our lives without the presence of these sheep, goat, cattle, cow. This field let us to set up our business in a budget friendly kind of aspect. From these animals, we get cheese, leather, butter and too milk, meat, yogurt, organic fuel, fiber, organic fertilizer, white meat, red meat. Some of the cattle, they are being used for the land management sake and for the transportation purpose. In this field, students are offered with the undergraduate level programs, MS and Mphil and doctoral level degree programs. Riphah University is offering 2 years livestock assistant diploma course for FSc pre medical students. First we will tell you that which are the subjects which any student will study if he is enrolled in the livestock degree program:


Career Options in The Field of Livestock, Degrees, Scope, Jobs, Significance

Subjects Part of the Field of Livestock
You will study the subject of biochemistry, statistics, animal breeding, animal genetics, rangeland management, milk production principles if you belong to the field of livestock. You will learn regarding the courses on milk procurement principles, livestock industry and business management, lactation biology.

The subjects of animal fiber science, behavior of farm animals, welfare of farm animals will be offered and taught to the students. You will study in detail about the courses of meet production, beef production, animal husbandry,livestock production trends, livestock management.

The subjects of livestock housing practices, buffalo production and cattle production are offered in this degree. You will be served with the subjects of dairy production, poultry farming, fish farming too.

Career Scope of Livestock
By studying this livestock field, you get a chance to start your own business. As you become aware of all the basics which are needed to be learned to start a livestock business, that is why prior study of this field is important.

You can get a job in the farms or in the milk processing factories. You can make career in the NGO lines which are working for the animal protection. Then in the agriculture department, forest department, poultry farms and fish farms, you can have many jobs.

Even if you get migrated to the other foreign country and you have studied about this field, then you can get a job over there too. If we really want to increase the livestock production in Pakistan, then it is the time that we should be hiring the professional livestock experts in this line.

We have to let farmers know about the latest scientific methods which can help them in this business. More up to date livestock management techniques and policies should be introduced. In this industry, the margin and extent of profit is quite more as compared to the other industry lines. So feel free to start this business.

This is the whole information on this livestock field, you can get connected with this field line if you are interested in it. Keep connected with us as more of the information on this industry is coming up.