Urdu Language & Literature Online Quiz, MCQs

Urdu Language and Literature Online Test, GK Urdu MCQs
Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It has very rich literature. Its the third most spoken language of the world as Hindi is also spoken in Urdu accent. In fact Hindi is not a separate language as its majority of words have been taken from Persian, Arabic, Punjabi, Sindhi and Turkish languages. Very few Sanskrit words are used in daily conversion. Hindi is Devanagari version of Urdu language as it is written in Devanagari script.

Urdu Language & Literature Online Quiz, MCQs

Urdu Language & Literature Online Quiz, MCQs

On this page you can take Urdu language & literature online quiz. At present we have published this Urdu language & literature online quiz in English and Roman Urdu. Soon we shall publish Urdu language & literature quiz in Urdu font too.

Urdu is a compulsory subject up to matriculation level in Pakistan. After that you may opt Urdu as elective subject. Urdu MCQs are asked in almost all recruitment, PMS, PCS, combined competitive exams and admission entry tests. General knowledge GK Urdu MCQs given in our first Urdu language & literature online quiz have been taken from past papers of above mentioned exams and tests. You will like the standard of these Urdu MCQs. Visit and like our facebook page too for alerts about our new online tests.

1. When Fort William College was established?


2. Who is known as poet of East?


3. Alipur ka Ailee is the autobiography of ……………….?


4. How many extra letters are there in alphabet of Urdu language?


5. How many basic letters are there in Urdu alphabet?


6. What is the meaning of word Urdu?


7. How many total letters (Both basic & extra) are there in the Urdu language alphabet?


8. Identify the Indian king who was the poet of Urdu too?


9. Musaddas e-Madd o-Jazr e-Islam is the poetry work of ……………..?


10. Who was the most disputed but also most famous Urdu short story writer?


11. Who write the famous Urdu column zero point?


12. Who was the writer of famous Imran series?


13. Which is the longest continuously-published stories on record?


14. Identify the “Poetess of Fragrance”?


15. Which College played a great role in the development of Urdu language?


16. Which was the first printed Urdu newspaper?


17. Fort William College was established by then Governor General Lord Wellesley in …………….?


18. When Urdu Hindi controversy started in ………….?


19. Lenin Peace Prize was given to famous Urdu revolutionary poet ………….?


20. Name the first Urdu University where medium of instruction was Urdu?


21. Who wrote the Adamjee Award winner novel Udas Naslain?


22. Marsiya is written to commemorate the martyrdom of ……………….?


23. Who was the first Novel Writer of Urdu?


24. Which was the first novel in Urdu language?


25. What was “Progressive Writers’ Movement”?


26. Who was the first poet of Urdu?


27. Who wrote Shahnama e Islam?


28. Who is the writer of famous historic novel “Khaak oar Khoon”?


29. Who wrote famous novel Aag Ka Darya in the context of subcontinent partition?


30. Who was the father of Urdu language?


31. What is the real name of Urdu fiction writer Ibn-e-Safi?


32. Who wrote the famous Urdu travelogues “Ibn Battuta Kay Taqub mien”?


33. Which is the most famous Urdu channel of the world?


34. Word Urdu has been taken from which language?


35. Shahab Nama is the autobiography of …………….?


36. Who was the author of Inspector Jamshed series, Inspector Kamran Mirza series, and Shoki series ( Urdu detective series for kids)


37. Name one sufi Urdu writer and poet?


38. Munshi Premchand is famous for what?


39. Who was the founder of Urdu Defence Association?


40. Who wrote the famous Urdu novel Jangloos?


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