First European History Online Test in Pakistan, GK MCQs

1st European History Online Quiz in Pakistan, General Knowledge MCQs

European History is a very important subject for aspirants of CSS and PMS. Europe is the most important continent in the modern history due to its rapid progress in the last 400 years. Europe was ruling over the whole world till the second world war. Still EU is the big world player. Two atomic power countries of Europe are still members of UNO security council i.e UK and France. It is not easy to cover the all important of whole European history in a single online quiz. That’s why we have chosen MCQs about most important events of European History for this quiz.

Importance of European History Online Test

These History of Europe MCQs will open new doors of general knowledge in your mind. You must read details about all these incidents which have been pointed out in our European History online test. We shall publish detailed articles too on all these topics in future. Our European History online test is the first online quiz of its kind in Pakistan. Our research and development team members are topper gazetted officers and senior professors of foreign universities. They have been provided reference library of 10000 books on all topics of general knowledge by Soon you will feel that your favorite portal is the best online testing website of the world.

First European History Online Test in Pakistan, GK MCQs


First European History Online Test in Pakistan, GK MCQs

We have already published 3 online quizzes on History on our website i.e Pakistan History, Indo-Pak History and Islamic History. Its just the beginning as soon we are going to develop and publish lot more similar online quizzes on various unique topics which will be helpful for students of all age groups and job seekers. If you want to improve your general knowledge rapidly then visit and its facebook page daily. Now its the time to take European History online test.

1. Where Karl Marx and Albert Einstein were born?


2. Who founded the Roman empire in 27 BC?


3. When Byzantine Empire was founded?


4. Name the country who has left the EU through Brexit referendum?


5. When Yugoslavia fall apart?


6. When Magna Carta was signed?


7. Crusades were religious wars between Muslims and …………..?


8. When East India Company was founded?


9. When was the Berlin Wall knocked down?


10. When collective defence treaty Warsaw Pact was signed between USSR and 7 its satellite states?


11. Who was the fascist leader of Italy during world war 2?


12. When Ottoman Empire was founded?


13. When European Union was founded?


14. Who was the leader of Russian revolution 1917?


15. Industrial revolution started from which country?


16. When Spanish fleet Armada with 130 ships sailed to invade England?


17. What is Renaissance?


18. Where Alexander the Great was died?


19. Nuremberg trials were against ………………?


20. When French revolution was started?


21. Who was the most famous princess of whole Europe?


22. What is IRA?


23. Who was the first emperor of Holy Roman Empire?


24. The Enlightenment movement of 18th century was against ………….?


25. Hundred years war was fought between England and …………..?


26. In which was French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated finally?


27. In which country Pope has been ruling from 1929?


28. When Czechoslovakia was dissolved?


29. Who was the founder of German Empire?


30. When Austro-Hungarian Empire came into existence?


31. Who was the leader of Radical Reformation Movement?


32. When Roman Kingdom was dissolved?


33. Second world war continued from 1939 to ………….?


34. When did former USSR break up?


35. Who conquered Spain in 711 AD?


36. Roman Republic was dissolved in which year?


37. Who was Charles de Gaulle?


38. When NATO ( North Atlantic Treaty Organization) was formed?


39. Mein Kampf was the autobiography of ………………?


40. When were the Balkan wars?


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