General Knowledge Online Quiz, MCQs

General Knowledge Online Test, Multiple Choice Questions (GK MCQs)
General knowledge is the key to success in modern era. For clearing any entry test, competitive exam or recruitment test, you must have strong general knowledge. MCQs are best way to improve and check your general knowledge that’s why majority of our tests and quizzes are related to MCQs. Almost all our online quizzes are about different fields of general knowledge, but today we are going to publish random MCQs about all fields of GK in our first general knowledge online quiz.

General Knowledge Online Quiz, MCQs

General Knowledge Online Quiz, MCQs

It will take a long time to publish enough general knowledge online tests on our website, but at last we have entered in this field too. In near future there will be available lot more GK quizzes on our website. We want to provide unlimited practice and preparation facilities to our visitors on their favorite portal. We need your cooperation in this regard. After taking our first general knowledge online quiz, don’t forget to give your feedback. Your feedback will help us in improving the standard of our future GK quizzes.You may also send us online tests on different topics in MCQs style with minimum 20 questions, we shall publish them with your name, picture and introduction. Now its time to take general knowledge online quiz. Best wishes for all of you.

General Knowledge Online Quiz, MCQs about different fields of GK. All questions have been taken from previous papers of different recruitment and competitive exams.

1. Which is the longest river in Europe?


2. Who initiated the Protestant reformation movement?


3. Which canal is called the gate way to Asia?


4. Who was Hirohito?


5. Sonia Gandhi is the widow of ……………..?


6. Who led the Japan in the second world war?


7. Who wrote the famous book The Wealth of Nations?


8. Which is the most important crop in Nile delta?


9. Rechna Doab is the region between which 2 rivers of Pakistan?


10. Which is the driest non-polar desert?


11. Churchill was Prime Minister of which country?


12. Civil rights activist Martin Luther King Jr was citizen of which country.


13. Where the famous Shark bay is situated?


14. Who was the teacher of Plato?


15. Which is the largest man made lake of the world?


16. Who was Otto von Bismarck?


17. Where the deepest part of the ocean Marina trench is situated?


18. Hackl e Sulemani was built in which city?


19. Nelson Mandela is the father of which nation?


20. Who wrote the famous book Das Kapital


21. Which ancient Greek scholar was compelled to drink poison?


22. When Suez canal was opened?


23. What is the similarity between Rati Jinnah (Wife of Quaid e Azam) and Feroze Gandhi (Husband of Indra Gandhi)?


24. Who was the founder of Jainism?


25. Which is the only river that flows both north and south of the equator?


26. Who is the father of modern Malaysia?


27. Mesopotamia was the old name of which country?


28. Where salt water lake Hamun Mashkel is situated?


29. Famous scholar Confucius belonged to which country?


30. Chabahar is a free port of which country?


31. Which river crosses the equator twice?


32. Which canal is called the gate way of pacific?


33. Gulf of Mexico (Largest Gulf of The World) is a part of which ocean?


34. Who was the first Governor General of India after partition?


35. Which is the deepest lake of the world?


36. How much percent mass of the ice berg floats above the surface of water?


37. Aswan dam was constructed on which river?


38. Who was Sigmund Freud?


39. The region between rivers Tigris and Euphrates is called ………….?


40. Where the largest bay of the world (Hudson Bay) is situated?


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