Top Ten Jobs & Career Options After Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

Career Counseling on Top 10 Jobs Options & Career After Bachelor of Commerce BCom Degree in Pakistan
We guarantee you that if you will get the B.Com degree with maximum marks and grades, then handsome high paid jobs will be offered to you. On the other hand, if you are confused that which kind of job you should do, then here we can help you. Check out the top ten job position details which you can opt upon passing the bachelor of commerce degree:

1. Working in Banking Sector And Financial Institutions
The first great job line option we have for you, it is to work in the banking sector. These B.Com graduates are highly demand in this area, they can work as MTO after clearing the test.

2. Working for Cashier Or Accountant Job Positions in The Banks
You can work as a cashier or as an accountant if you have this bachelor of commerce degree. For that you should have the knowledge regarding accounting softwares which includes Tally, Quickbooks, Peachtree, Advanced excel, Sage.

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Top Ten Jobs & Career Options After Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

3. Serving As Junior Auditor in Any Financial Institution
Then the next option for you, you can serve and work as junior auditor. The auditing department is the highlighting department of this field. One should have a knowledge on income tax returns and sales tax returns if he is working for this department.

4. Income Tax Practitioner Job Position
This is an appropriate job position for you, those who work as income tax practitioner professionals, they get many career prospect chances in their hands.

5. Jobs in The Government Sector
These B.Com degree graduates remain flexible while looking for jobs and thus they make an easy entry in the government sector.

6. Doing The Marketing Job in The Multinational Company
It is not necessary that just the marketing major professionals can have jobs in the marketing department. Even B.Com degree holders can be adjusted and made to work in this department.

7. Serving as Sales Officer in Well Known Firms And Companies
Then you can work as a sales officer, this is a convenient job position which these commerce professionals opt in their career lines. No doubt that marketing and sales department is the backbone of any company or firm.

8. Online Tuition Job Position
Just as a part time job option, you can go for online home tuition option. Do this job during evening timings and earn handsome amount of money.

9. Working for Private Companies And Firms
On the second last spot, we have option and easy to follow recommendation for you to work for the private firms and companies. They look for B.Com graduates on an eager note, their commerce, accounts and finance department show the dire need to hunt for the people who have B.Com degree.

10. Teaching Job Line Profession in Colleges And Schools
The last is the teaching profession for you. Especially for the females who have bachelor of commerce degree, they can teach in schools or colleges easily.

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