Top Ten Jobs & Career Options After BSc (Bachelor of Science), Tips

Career Counseling on Top 10 Career Options After BSc Degree in Pakistan
Those who are done with their BSc bachelor of sciences studies, then note that below are top ten jobs which you can opt for yourself. You will get many job opportunities for sure. So let us have a look that which career options you can pursue if you have this BSc degree, here are tips for you:

1. Teaching Profession
If you have done BSc, then you will easily get enter into the teaching profession. You will be hired quickly by the public schools or by the private schools.

2. Government Job Position
These BSc degree holders, they are great in demand from the side of government departments. It will be best and all great if you will prepare for PMS, CSS exams the minute you will get this BSc degree.

Top 10

Top Ten Jobs & Career Options After BSc (Bachelor of Science), Tips

3. Job As a Home Tutor
There is a part time option for you and it is to work as a home tutor. By doing so, you can conveniently earn money in between Rs 20000 to Rs 40000.

4. Jobs in Labs
These degree holders, they quickly get a job in the private sector labs as well. You can hunt many of the jobs in this area if you have passed this much degree and education level.

5. Career in Pharmaceutical Companies
There is a great opportunity for you to work in the pharmaceutical companies if you have this degree. You can work as an assistant over there and after getting a higher degree, you can repost yourself on the higher position as well.

6. Career in Industrial Sector
These bachelor of science students, they can move themselves towards industrial sector too. Like in Pakistan, so many extensive range of industries are opened up. So apply in them if you have BSC degree.

7. Working in The Research Field
You can work as a research assistant, this will be the learning job from your side. By getting on this position, you will learn a lot.

8. Online Tuition
You can look at yourself as online tutor as well. Look and assess that which subjects you can better teach and then provide online tuition of those subjects.

9. Working As Scientific Writer
You can be on the assistant post and work as a scientific writer. This is the a learning job position and students of science background prefer to become a scientific writer.

10. Marketing Related Jobs
Last, you can set your mind to apply in the marketing, selling, advertising related jobs. Like if specifically your undergraduate degree is done in marketing major, or in consumer behavior and advertising major, then you can easily and clearly yourself to be working for the marketing department.

These are the top ten jobs which you can opt and start to apply in them if you have bachelor of science BSc degree. If you can think of other suitable job line or career line, then quickly share that with us on this page. Visit our tips category daily.