Top Ten Facebook Tips & Tricks For Social Media Lovers (Urdu-English)

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For all social media lovers, if they want to learn the extensive use in terms of the Facebook settings then here they are at correct page. Below we have mentioned few of the important points. From these details, you will come to know that how this website settings can be used:

Top 10 Facebook Tips

1-Adjusting The Settings of Your Received Notifications
If you want to minimize the number of your received notifications then you can do that by making changes in the settings. You only have to go to the settings options and reduce the number of notifications.

2-How to Stop Getting Candy Crush Requests?
If you are tired of getting Candy Crush requests again and again, then you can solve this problem of yours. You can access the settings section, uncheck the application invites option. By doing so, you will not ever and ever receive such kinds of requests.

3-Uploading Animated GIF
This is a new feature and option which is introduced for the Facebook lovers. In this case, you have to click on your profile picture and upload 7 minute video of yours. In this way, your own profile picture will get in motion and changed into animated GIF format as well.

4-How to Stop Auto Play Videos on Your News Feed?
To stop these auto play videos present on your news feed section, you can turn off the settings. You can un-check the option which states and display the auto play video option.

5-Turning Off The Birthday Notifications
If you get bothered while receiving these birthdays notifications then you can turn off them simply. You can reach to your account settings section. Uncheck the option stating birthdays notifications.

6-How to View Previous Facebook Activities?
For that you have to visit onthisday/ By doing so, you will be able to see and look back at your previous Facebook activities.

7-How to See Trending News on Facebook?
It is on the right side that Facebook has come up with this trending section. By visiting this section, you can have a look at the all trending news.

8-Seeing Your Profile According to The Eyes of Your Friends
By clicking on the view activity log, you will come to know that how your profile looks according to the eyes of your friends and other public.

9-Hiding Photo Albums And Events on Your Timeline
While you will upload any photo album, you can set the settings that which of your friends can see this photo album.

10-Hiding Your Friends List
This platform gives you this option to hide the friend list of yours.

Receiving Notifications of Some Special Friends
Last but not least if you want to receive notifications from some special friends of yours, then go to your friend list, in front of that person you will see the option saying get notification. Just click on it.

We will share more tips and tricks for the people who love to use Facebook.

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Top Ten Facebook Tips & Tricks For Social Media Lovers (Urdu-English)

Top Ten Facebook Tips & Tricks For Social Media Lovers (Urdu-English)