White Hair Solution-Top 10 Tips in Urdu & English

Top Ten Tips in Urdu & English About White Hair Treatment
We can give you some of the great white hair solution tips if you have white hair. There are many reasons which give white hair to people. But you can treat them and get back black hair at the same time. Here are the best top ten white hair solution tips for you:

Top Ten White Hair Solution Tips

1-Avoid Exposing Your Hair from Intense Sunlight
Make sure that you should not expose your hair too much in front of the sunlight. This light makes your hair to turn to white. This is true.

2-Preparing a Mixture of Mustard Oil, Egg And Yogurt
You can make a mixture of mustard oil, egg and yogurt. Apply this mixture on your hairs and we are sure that your white hair problem will be solved.

3-Application of Mehndi on Your Hair
Rest you can also be applying mehndi. This is a great remedy for people who have white hair issue. Along with mehndi, you have to add one teaspoon of coffee, one tea spoon of sugar, water as needed, few drops of lemon and prepare a mixture. Apply it on your hairs and leave it like this for 5 hours. Then wash it off and do this practice once in a month.

4-Brush Your Hair Daily
To deal with this issue, you have to brush your hair daily. By doing so, circulation in your hair will be increased and you will no longer see white hairs.

5-Do Not Take Stress And Regularly Apply Hair Oil
It is recommended for such people that they should not take stress. Avoid taking tension and you will not ever have white hairs. Stay relaxed because if you will take tension, then quality of your hair will be damaged. You should also keep on oiling your hair.

6-Apply Those Hair Products Which Have Biotin
It is suggested that you should be applying those hair products which have biotin in them. They are great for your hair and make them strong, shiny and black as well.

7-Avoid Applying Substandard Hair Oils
Make sure that you should not use any of the substandard oils. They will only damage your hair and turn them white.

8-Increase The Vitamin B12
Hair experts have suggested that you should increase the intake of vitamin 12. This vitamin is great for your hair. If you are noticing that your hairs are turning white or grayish in their tones, then you should start taking these vitamins.

9-Avoid Washing Your Hair from Hot Water
Always wash your hair with cold water and never wash them with hot water. Even during winter season, you should not use hot water on your hairs. Such a water will bring lot of damage for your hair.

10-Stop Using Hair Dyes
You should stop using these hair dyes. they will damage your hair eventually and turn them white or gray in color. If you wish to color your hair, then you can apply mehndi. Great color will come on your hairs and they will not become damaged in their texture too.
This is how your white hair problem can be solved. Now read white hair solution tips in Urdu.

White Hair Solution-Top 10 Tips in Urdu & English

White Hair Solution-Top 10 Tips in Urdu & English