Top 30 Tips & Tricks For Reducing Your Electricity Bill

Learn How To Lower Your Electricity Bill-Top 30 Smart Tips
Almost all of us, we get much worried when we have to pay high and heavy electricity bills. So how can we reduce our electricity bill, we will tell you. Here you can have a look at the top 30 tips. These tips will suggest you the easy ways of reducing this bill of yours:

1-To reduce your electricity bill, you can be using these energy saving bulbs.

2-It will be better if you will start to use some lightweight fans, they consume less amount of energy. And avoid using heavy old fans in your house.

3-During the winter season, you should try to avoid the use of electric heaters as much as you can.

4-If you are out from your home for more than two days, then it is better if you plug out the UPS switch.

5-In the summer season, your AC thermostat should always be set at 26.

6-During the peak hour time, you should not use any of the high and heavy electrical devices and equipment.

7-Instead of using these electrical UPS devices, you can be using these solar UPS.

8-You can have gas generators for yourself instead of using any sort of electric generators.

9-You can use gas irons for yourself, they will really decrease the cost of your electricity bill.

10-It is always recommended that you should be using solar energy products for yourself.


Top 30 Tips & Tricks For Reducing Your Electricity Bill

11-Efficient electric products should be purchased by you.

12-If you are living in a combined family system, then make sure that there should be separate electricity meters for every single portion of your house.

13-When the weather becomes normal, then you can sleep at the roof section of your house and avoid using electric fans.

14-Always use electronic appliances with 100% copper wiring.

15-You should have wide windows in your room and they have to be airy.

16-In your house, you should try using just one TV and one refrigerator.

17-If no one is watching the TV, then turn it off right away.

18-If the mobile phone charger is not in use and the socket is turned on, then turn it off right away.

19-You can use gas oven and avoid using an electric oven.

20-These electric kettles really increase your electricity bill, so make less use of them.

21-You can use laptops instead of using these desktop stations, they consume less energy.

22-Avoid using electric dishwasher equipment during the peak and high hours.

23-After Isha prayer, try to minimize your electricity usage.

24-You have to check again and again that whether the electrical devices which are not in use, whether they are switched off.

25-Recycle or donate your old electronic appliances.

26-Keep your fridge and freezer at moderate temperature.

27-Get up early in the morning and sleep as early as possible to utilize the day light and reduce the use of electricity.

28-Install and use dimmer switches in your maximum electronic devices to reduce your electricity bill.

29-Train your siblings and kids about all above mentioned tips.

30-Lastly, remain responsible when it comes to consuming less electricity.
We are sure that if you will follow these 30 tips then you will get the less electricity bill less time. You can share your measures and tips with us that how you get less bill especially during summer season times, keep connected with us.