Learn The Art of Precis Writing-Top 20 Tips & Tricks

Top 20 Precis Writing Techniques For Students & Professionals
Precis writing question, it is one of the tough and technical questions to be solved. Here we have collected best 20 tips for you. You can check details of these tips from here. Once you will understand this guide, then you can write precis always in a better way:

1-You should be able to read out the given passage for at least three times, this is quite important for you. If you will not give a proper and complete reading to the passage, then you cannot write a best precis.

2-On a rough piece of paper, you should note down the important points. This will give you an idea that how you will condense the given passage.

3-You have to use your own words. From the given passage, you will not copy a single word.

4-The length of your precis, it has to be one third of the original passage and not more than that!

5-You should not make paragraphs while writing a precis. It means that you will just pen down and compile this question in a single paragraph.


Learn The Art of Precis Writing-Top 20 Tips & Tricks

6-Once you will get done with this question, then make sure that you do write down the number of words at the end of it.

7-You should not miss any of the key and important point from the passage. Double check your draft that whether you have missed any thing or not.

8-Make sure that you does not change the main theme, you have to stick with the main theme.

9-It is in the indirect form that you have to write up this precis. You have to condense the given paragraphs in the third person as well.

10-You will not add up any of the additional statements or views in this precis writing question.

11-The best and important tip is that you should read the last sentences of your passage. This will give you an idea that what your whole passage all about is!

12-You also have to give a suitable and relevant title of your precis.

13-Just try to leave and skip all of the irrelevant details. These details will just make your precis a lengthy one.

14-If there are any dialogues or incidents mentioned in the passage, if there are any interrogative sentences been mentioned in the given paragraph, then you have to skip that as well.

15-You have to attempt this question by following a proper structure. It means while attempting it, you have to follow a proper beginning and ending patterns.

16-You have to change all of the direct sentences into indirect one.

17-You cannot use exact and same words from the given and mentioned passage. Look for their synonyms always.

18-If you could not understand any word or sentence, then skip that part as soon as possible.

19-No grammar mistakes have to be done in your precis writing question.

20-Make sure that you read your final draft before you finally pen down your precis on the answer sheet.

So start practicing this precis writing and keep connected with us.

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