Study in Malaysia 2024 – Review in Urdu & English

Study Abroad – Why Study in Malaysia?

The number of foreign students studying in Malaysia has jumped to one million. The government of Malaysia, dreams of raising the number to two million by 2023. Education is an integral contributor to the Malaysian economy. In 2002, only 27872 foreign students were getting education in Malaysia, but the number increased to 807570 in 2009. In the population of 28 million, Malaysia has 110 universities running in public and private sectors both. This depicts the commitment of the government towards education. The recent report by UNESCO suggests that Malaysia ranks 11th among the top notch education providing countries. Their degree is highly recognized at the international level. Today, most of the foreign students in Malaysia are coming from Iran.



Points To Remember

On the invitation of “Study in Malaysia, Dubai” a group of journalists went to visit the universities of Malaysia. EMGS is the legal way of entering into the educational institutions of Malaysia. The foreign students have to apply through this gateway, if they want to enjoy the educational facilities in Malaysia. The education visa is provided within fourteen days from the date of application. Malaysian universities are offering better education in lower rates as compared to China, Japan and Singapore. Immigration process is very easy in Malaysia.



Student Visa of Malaysia For Pakistani Students

A student can easily work while studying. The students are also given the opportunity to avail scholarships for pre-university programs, degree courses and the post-graduate programmers. Islamic financing is one of its kind subjects that are taught in all universities in Malaysia. International Islamic University, University Technology, University Malaysia and University Putra are the renowned universities in the region. It is among those nineteen countries of the world that are considered the most peaceful countries of the world. This peaceful environment is highly beneficial for education and for earning a good job.



More Details About Study Visa of Malaysia

Dubai based education consultant named Yusuf Qadri, recommends the students to go to Malaysia as it offers quality education in an affordable manner. Marketing manager education Malaysia, Councellate General of Malaysia, Dubai Owais Aslam Qazi comments that while studying in Help University, he had several opportunities for his education, but he preferred going to Malaysia, because of the financial ease, better educational facilities and above all the Islamic mode of living. Technology University is the biggest university in the Muslim world. It has 31 campuses meeting the educational needs. The university has rendered an honorary degree to the renowned scientist and educationists of Pakistan, Dr. Ata Ur Rehman. It has started collaborative efforts with three top universities of Pakistan, namely NUST, Karachi University and Islamic University Bahawalpur.


The Vice Chancellor has informed that many foreign students have come from all over the world.



Final Words

The founder Vice Chancellor of the University of Putraya is from the Arid University Faisalabad and currently, three deans of different departments are from the same. You may read the review in Urdu about study in Malaysia below this page. Visit and its social pages for guidance about study abroad including study in Malaysia.


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Study in Malaysia 2024 – Review in Urdu & English


Study in Malaysia - Review in Urdu & English


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