Scope PhD (Doctorate Degree), Career, Job Prospects, Eligibility & Thesis Tips

Scope PhD (Doctor of Philosophy), Career Counseling, Jobs, Eligibility Criteria & Research Thesis Tips
This Phd degree or you can say the doctor of philosophy degree, it is one of the popular degrees so far, it gives you the doctor title. In the humanities and science subjects, you can pursue this degree. The 70% portion of this degree is based on research and less course work is there. The duration of this program is almost five years. In Pakistan, we have extensive universities which offer Phd programs, then some students prefer to complete this degree option from the international university. It is both at the national and foreign level that scholarships are given. If your previous academic record is great, then go for the HEC scholarship which they have opened for the Phd students.’


Scope PhD (Doctorate Degree), Career, Job Prospects, Eligibility & Thesis Tips

The Useful Aspect of Phd (Doctorate Degree)
As this Phd degree is made for both of the working people and students category. If you are not working or you are doing job somewhere, you can go for this option. This research based degree program will take you to the road of discoveries. You will learn about the research techniques, working people prefer this degree because they want their salary to jump on a high scale. For all of the Phd degree programs, the medium of instruction is this English and if you are doing this doctor of philosophy studies in Islamic studies or in any of the oriental languages, then your medium of instruction will be somewhat different. You can complete this degree in 3 to 5 years, it is up to you how longer you can take it.

Eligibility Criteria for Phd Degree
You should have 18 years of education, your minimum CGPA has to be 3.00. Your last degree should be passed in the range of subjects which are linked to your current Phd degree program as well. Those who apply in the Pakistani universities, they have to pass the GAT test and those applying in the international universities, they have to appear for GRE test.

Scope for Phd (Doctorate Degree)
By getting a Phd degree, your chances to get a job in a foreign country gets increased. You can easily get an immigration visa and you see extensive chances of success. You can work in any university as a professor, you can serve in the international journals. These Phd degree holders can work in the laboratories, they can serve in the print of electronic media. You can work as a researcher or as a Phd supervisor as well.

Tips to Pass The Phd (Doctor of Philosophy)
You should continue and keep on writing for the international journals, this aspect will make your profile and academic record more attractive. You should try to stay in touch with the professional researchers who belong to your field. The minute you become the part of PhD program, you should readily start searching for your thesis topic. Avoid getting in touch with the PhD dissertation helping agencies.

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