How to Write a Research Thesis or Dissertation ? Tips 

How to Write a Dissertation  or Research Thesis? Golden Tips 

Research is an integral academic procedure. It literally refers to find the facts that ar e already available and apply them for further information. It is this characteristic that makes it a ceaseless procedure. The constant seeking and searching is highly important to get the important data for all sorts of the academic subjects. One important aspect of the research is the business research. It is a helpful technique to make a business decision after gathering, recording and analyzing the data in a systematic manner.

How to Write a Research Thesis or Dissection? Tips 

How to Write a Research Thesis or Dissertation ? Tips

At higher degrees including masters, M.Phil and PhD it is important to give the research a theoretical shape. This is called a research thesis. It is the compilation of the data that is the outcome of the research. In order to have an impressive research thesis it is very important to include the following steps:

  1. In order to select the topic or a research problem, it is very important to follow the particular pattern. It is important to decide the area of research, relevant field of research in the area chosen, topic of research, and finally the industry of research. The research consists of three elements called variables. They include the independent variable, dependent variable, and the mediating variable. These are the constituent elements of the research model.
  2. It is very important to have a valid topic for the research and this is possible only through the literature review. Once the researcher selects a topic he goes through the other sources by other researchers too. He collects the related data. The data should not be copy pasted from the source instead it should be quoted in own words.
  3. Once the topic is confirmed and the literature is reviewed the researcher devises the most appropriate methodology. This discusses the way in which the study is initiated and then finalized. The research can be qualitative, quantitative or both.
  4. There are several modes of collecting the data. The relevant and the most suitable source of collecting the data are decided. The questionnaires can give the insight into the relevant data and the modern scenario that is required for the research.
  5. The data which is gathered is added to the electronic device. The most reliable software in this regard is known as SPSS. The data in the form of text is converted into the data in the quantitative form with the help of lickert scale. On this scale the rating is done from the best to the worst.
  6. Once the data is completely entered in the software, it is important to analyze the data. Several quantitative tests are carried out to find the relation between the different variables; important tests in this regard include co-relation and regression tests.
  7. After the completion of the of the data analysis, the discussions and conclusions are conducted that decide for the relevance of the data to the acceptance or rejection of the hypothesis.
  8. The ultimate step in the creation of the successful research thesis is making the comprehensive report. The main job of the report is to present the details of the research work.
  9. Avoid plagiarism as it can be easily detected now a days with online software.
  10. Always collect the data from the reliable sources.
  11. Fake surveys and statistics/data can also be checked easily.
  12. Proper planning, structure, authentic primary and secondary information can help you in writing a good thesis.
  13. Follow the instructions of your supervisor.
  14. Never hire the thesis writing services as they use plagiarized data for writing dissertation.
  15. Follow the following structure while writing a thesis;

Table of Content
List of Figures
List of Tables
Brief Introduction

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