Scope of Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Degrees, Eligibility

Are you interested in knowing about the scope of veterinary medicine in Pakistan? If yes then we are sure that this post would be helping you to get much information about the scope of veterinary medicine in Pakistan. But before discussing with the scope we would like to talk about the introduction of what is veterinary medicine in Pakistan.

What To Know About Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan?

Veterinary Science is the study in which it would be dealing with the diagnosing all along with the treatment and curing almost all types of diseases in birds and even in the animals. This study is basically related with the concetp of taking care of animal health as well as scientific breeding of livestock. Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) is a program that has the duration of the five years study program that broadly undergo as it covers the study of animal physiology along with the treatment and prevention of diseases among animals.

Scope of Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Degrees, Eligibility

Scope of Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan, Career, Jobs, Degrees, Eligibility

Different Types of Career Options in Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan:

                 By holding the degree of the veterinary medicine in your hands you would be able to get into the employment sectors of the public health and research centers. Some of the people do many the option to get into the working as being the basic research. This would help them to broaden up their knowledge as in the category of the applied research. You can move inside the various career options of the Government animal husbandry departments, as well as poultry farms along with dairy farms plus in the Sheep and rabbit farms an race clubs or even inside the private and government veterinary hospitals and clinics.

Important Employment Options In Career of Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan:

  • Veterinary Doctor Expert: You can search for the best employment options in the hospitals and clinics related with the work of veterinary.
  • Veterinary Specialist: Additionally you can also step into the employment option of being the veterinary specialist if you do think so that you have the experienced enough in setting up with your own clinic or veterinary center.
  • Dairy Farms Experts: You are also left with the option as where you can get connected with some dairy farms and start working along with them.

What Is The Eligibility Educational Criteria For Career of Veterinary Medicine in Pakistan?

             This educational program has the duration of the 5 years. You would able to get the degree that is recognized by Pakistan Veterinary Medical Council (PVMC). It is mostly divided into the categories of the MS, M.Phil., Ph.D. To get into the admission criteria you should be having the education of 60% in the FSc. Pre-medical (Bio-Chem-Phy). You age should not be less than 25 years.

So, this was the complete and overall discussion about the scope and career following options in veterinary medicine in Pakistan. If you do think that this program can give your career with the boosting success then apply for the veterinary medicine in Pakistan right now!

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