Scope of MBBS in Pakistan, Eligibility, Salary, Jobs, Syllabus

How to Become a Doctor in Pakistan? Career Scope of MBBS Degree, Further Study Options & Alternatives

Introduction: MBBS is one of the most popular and prestigious medical education courses in Pakistan. It is offered at various private and public universities in the country. MBBS in Pakistan is a five years degree program in the field of medicine and surgery which includes one year of post qualification internship or house job. After successful completion of MBBS the student is awarded the degree of “Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery” (MBBS). The scope of MBBS in Pakistan is very broad as it opens up may avenues for further higher studies as well as for a successful career in various medical related fields.

Scope of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan-Career Guide in Urdu & English

Scope of MBBS in Pakistan, Eligibility, Salary, Jobs, Syllabus


Pakistan offers a number of opportunities for MBBS graduates. You may get jobs in both public and private sectors hospitals. In addition there are many foreign employment opportunities available for MBBS graduates from Pakistan.


Scope of MBBS & BDS in Pakistan-Career Guide in Urdu & English


MDCAT Entry Test in Pakistan For Admission in MBBS

MDCAT entry test is a must for students seeking admission in any public or private medical college in Pakistan. The test is conducted by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). The test measures the student’s aptitude in the subjects of English Physics Chemistry and Biology. The test is held once a year.


All About MDCAT Entry Test for Admission in MBBS or BDS


Eligibility Criteria For Admission in MBBS in Pakistan

To be eligible for admission in an MBBS program in Pakistan students must have completed FSc Pre-Medical or an equivalent degree with at least 60% marks. They must also have passed the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC) entrance exam MDCAT. Students who have completed their higher secondary education from outside Pakistan are also eligible to apply provided they meet the aforementioned criteria.



Syllabus for MBBS in Pakistan

Following subjects are taught in MBBS in Pakistan;
Physiology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Islamic & Pakistan Studies, Behavioral Sciences, Community Medicine, Medicine including Psychiatry & Dermatology, Surgery including Orthopaedics, Anesthesia & Dentistry, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics, Ophthalmology, E.N.T., Radiology, Pathology, Nuclear Medicine, Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine and General Practice.



Further Study Options After MBBS in Pakistan

After completing an MBBS degree there are a number of different further study options available to students. These include postgraduate degrees such as a Master of Surgery (MS) or a Doctor of Medicine (MD) as well as specialist training programmes. Students can also choose to undertake research at a higher level leading to a PhD or other research-based qualification. In terms of career options further study can lead to a more senior position within the medical profession or open up opportunities to work in research or academia.



Duties of a MBBS Doctor

The duties of a doctor are to diagnose and treat illness to promote health and to prevent disease. They must be able to counsel patients on diet hygiene and preventive measures. They also prescribe and administer medication. Doctors must keep abreast of the latest medical developments and be able to apply them in their practice.



Job Options For MBBS Doctors in Pakistan

There are a number of job options for MBBS doctors in Pakistan. The most common option is to work in a government hospital. However there are also a number of private hospitals that are looking for MBBS doctors. There are also a number of research institutes and universities that offer jobs to MBBS doctors.



MBBS is the most important qualification for a medical professional in Pakistan. After MBBS, many medical professionals enter the lucrative and competitive world of medicine. There are many different jobs available to medical professionals after MBBS in Pakistan. Some common jobs include doctor,officer in health department, health care worker, PMS officer, CSS officer, research scientist, and pharmacist. The salaries vary depending on the profession and location, but are generally very good. Medical professionals in Pakistan enjoy excellent job security and benefits.



Salary of a MBBS Doctors in Pakistan

MBBS doctors in Pakistan receive a salary that is considerably higher than that of their counterparts in many other countries. This is due to the fact that, in Pakistan, the government regulates the medical profession and sets high standards for qualification and training for MBBS doctors. Additionally, the country has a large population and a high demand for medical services, which leads to high salaries for MBBS doctors. Doctors are given 17th grade in Pakistan. They also get non-practicing allowance and overtime. Large number of doctors specially lady doctors join civil service after clearing CSS and PMS exam, which is a wrong trend.


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Qualities Required For Becoming a Doctor

The qualities required for becoming a doctor are many and varied. First and foremost a doctor must have a strong desire to help others. They must also be intelligent and have excellent problem-solving skills. In addition doctors must be able to communicate effectively with patients and their families. They must also be able to work long hours and deal with the stress that comes with the job. Finally doctors must be compassionate and caring in order to provide the best possible care for their patients.


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Conclusion: If you are interested in pursuing a career as a doctor, then MBBS is the right course for you. Make sure you meet the eligibility requirements and syllabus standards before applying.


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