Scope of FA (Faculty of Arts), Job Prospects, Subjects, Career, Further Study Options

Career Scope of Simple FA (Faculty of Arts) in Pakistan, Job Options, Significance & Career Counseling Tips
One of the most and extremely popular HSSC programs, it is this FA (Faculty of Arts) program. You can get enter into dynamic number of professions if you are in this study and degree mode. You can become a lawyer, teacher, politician, musician, historian if you have studied these arts subjects. Urdu, English and Islamic studies, Pakistan studies, they are the compulsory subjects of this program. On the other hand, you have to choose three of the elective subjects and each of the subject total marks is 200. For CSS, PMS candidates, most of them belong to the arts subject background. Different colleges, they offer different subjects in the elective subjects category.

Scope of FA (Faculty of Arts), Job Prospects, Subjects, Career, Further Study Options

Scope of FA (Faculty of Arts), Job Prospects, Subjects, Career, Further Study Options

Popular Subjects in The Line of FA (Faculty of Arts)
You will be studying the subjects of statistics, civics, geography, advanced Urdu, Persian, physical education. You can either be selecting these subjects which are Arabic, Indo Pak History, French. You can also select the subjects of education, music, psychology, mathematics, Islamic history as your elective subject. Or you can choose the course of philosophy, English literature, economics, Islamic studies, computer science, fine arts as in the form of your elective subjects.

As a private candidate, you can appear in the FA exams as well. It is through the distance learning that AIOU university offers these FA studies. If you are a married female and you cannot go out, on the other hand, if you are working then do this study by enrolling on the basis of private candidate.

Difference Present Between The Simple FA And FA General Science Studies
There is a difference between these simple FA studies and if you want to do your FA in the general science subjects. It is recommended to do your arts studies in the subjects of general science. It has more scope. But both of these options are competitive. Even if you plan to do a simple FA or if you are going for FA general science, both these options can streamline your career phase.

Jobs for FA (Faculty of Arts) Students
It is as a typist and as a data entry operator that jobs are available for these arts students. But it also recommended that these inter arts students should at least get the bachelor level studies. Their education should be up to graduation so that they can get a decent job. You can do the SEO course, graphic designing course or the web development course if you want to work in this field. You can work on your typing skills and short hand typing skills. These individuals are getting clerical jobs most of the time. You can become an assistant. accountant or work as a junior marketing staff mate. Working as a data entry operator, media reporter or a correspondent can be convenient for you.

What to Do After FA (Faculty of Arts)?
After completing these studies, you can do BA-LLB, BSc (Only in the subjects which you have studied in FA). You can go for these further and productive options which are BA honors, BA, BS honors, BS, B.Com, BBA, BCS. So if you have this faculty of arts degree, then choose these degree programs as extended studies options.

Scope of FA General Science, Career, Subjects, Eligibility & Jobs