Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Scope in Pakistan, Career, Job Prospects, Benefits

Career as Bachelor of Technology in Pakistan, Job Options, Scope, Eligibility Criteria, Significance, Nature of Work, Required Skills & Further Study Options

If you does not want to do your bachelor studies in the field of engineering, then there is an alternative option for you. And it is this B Tech program which is termed as the bachelor of technology program. Note that there are two kinds and versions of this BTech degree program, you can go for the Bachelor of Technology pass program or you can choose the B.Tech honors program. If you have chosen and enrolled in this BTech Pass program then the duration of this program is two years and you will get the title of sub engineers. On the other hand, if you have planned to enroll in the honors program of Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech), then its duration will be four years.

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Scope in Pakistan, Career, Job Prospects, Benefits

Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Scope in Pakistan, Career, Job Prospects, Benefits

Eligibility to Be in The (Bachelor of Technology) BTech Program
If you have got 50% marks in your Fsc pre engineering studies, then you can be in this program. On the other hand, if you are a diploma holder and its duration was 3 years, then you can also be admitted in the bachelor of technology program.

Who Can Study This B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) Program?
If you do have a lot of interest in this subject of engineering and you could not qualify in the engineering degree programs at the BSc level, then this is the B.Tech program which is designed for these students. This is a recommended program because it has a great scope and it can take you to your desired and expected career destination. Afterwards, you can enroll in the MSc level engineering programs once you get this B Tech degree.

Popular Technology Programs Part of B Tech
Those who are planning to be in the bachelor of technology program, note that they can pursue their studies in the electronic engineering discipline or in the civil engineering discipline. You can do this study in the chemical engineering or in the subject of automotive engineering. This bachelor program can be done in the telecommunication engineering, information technology or in the biomedical engineering, petroleum engineering subjects.

We have Preston University, UET university, SUIT university, NED, MUET, QUEST, IUB, MUST, UOG which offer this degree program.

Jobs for (BTech) Bachelor of Technology Graduate Students
You can work in the field related industries, cottage industry, vocational training institutes. Or these BTech Bachelor of Technology graduates can work in the poly technical institutions, civil service, public sector industries. There is an option for these bachelor of technology graduates to work in the research organizations, heavy industry complex. You can serve in the consultancies, quality testing labs, steel mills. Or these private manufacturing industries, engineering journals can hire you. After B Tech you may go for BE degree.

To receive more of the information on this bachelor of technology program, keep connected with us. This is a great option for the engineering students. Its current scope is also enriching. If you are in this B.Technology program then share your experience with us. We will tell you more details that in what way you can do better in this study program so keep in touch and connected with us.

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