Scope of MEd (Masters in Education) in Pakistan, Eligibility, Subjects & Jobs

Career Counseling About Scope of MEd (Master of Education) in Pakistan, Eligibility Criteria, Career, Job Options, Subjects, Syllabus, Further Study Option & Comparison With MA Education
This MEd degree stands for masters of education degree program. This is a highly suitable and one of the feasible degree programs for girls. We know that in the education field, the competition is getting tough. That is why, it has become important for the job hunters to get bachelors of masters degree in education. If you want to be in the teaching line, then this MEd (Masters in Education)degree is extensively and extremely appropriate for you. On the other hand, if you want to become a school teacher, then get a B.Ed degree.

Scope MEd (Master of Education) in Pakistan, Eligibility, Subjects & Jobs

Scope of MEd (Masters in Education) in Pakistan, Eligibility, Subjects & Jobs

Eligibility to Be in MEd Program
You can take admission in the MEd degree program if you have passed your B.Ed exam. Your university has to be recognized and your B.Ed degree can be based on the annual system or semester system. If it was semester system based, then your CGPA has to be 2.00 out of 4.00.

If it was annual based, then you should have 50% marks in your bachelors of education examination. After completing your MEd (Masters in Education)program, you can do Mphil in this same subject, this Mphil studies is just of two years.

MEd Option or MA in Education Option- Which One is Better?
If you are confused that whether pursuing MEd (Master of Education) is right for you or you should be doing the MA education degree program, we will tell you and our justification will be based on the facts. To do MEd (Masters in Education), it is a better idea because in this degree, you will learn about the practical aspects and approaches of education.

Doing MA education, it is just a theoretical based program. On the other side, if you decide to do MEd (Masters in Education), then that means you will be studying the practical subject courses.

Scope of Doing MEd (Masters in Education)
There is a great scope for MEd degree holders. It is suggested to the B.Ed degree holders that they should continue their studies and have their education to be completed up to MEd (Masters in Education), In this way, they will receive more job options. You can be on the high post and work for the army and governmental education side if you have MEd degree or Mphil degree in this subject.

Subjects Part of MEd (Masters in Education) Degree
The subject of research methods in education, educational psychology, curriculum development and educational measurement and evaluation, methods of teaching, economics of education, you will study all these subjects.

Then courses like holistic education and educational philosophy, the course of language education, secondary education, rural education and special education- all will be offered to you.

Job Prospect And Options for MEd (Masters in Education) Degree Holders
You can have job in public or private schools. Then option to work in the private and public universities, they are open for you. These degree holders can work in the publishing houses or in the coaching centers. You can serve as an educational reporter, educational consultant child psychologist. These are all feasible job options which these masters of education degree holders can easily opt.