Scope of ACCA in Pakistan, Eligibility, Courses, Jobs, Salary, Further Study Options

What is The Scope of ACCA in Pakistan? Syllabus, Career Counseling, Benefits, Tips
It was in 1904 year that this largest international body for these professional accountants was made and it was named as ACCA body. In 173 countries, it has about 428000 students. It has so far 162000 members. If you have this ACCA degree then you will be called as the certified chartered accountant. It is the job oriented degree and one of the respectable degree programs in Pakistan. The higher education commission of Pakistan, they have identified and approved this program all equivalent to the masters degree. Below you can get more details on this certified chartered accountant program:


Scope of ACCA in Pakistan, Eligibility, Courses, Jobs, Salary, Further Study Options

Eligibility to Be in ACCA Program
If you have the graduation degree up to two years then you can be in this program of ACCA If you do have the relevant degree from any of the accredited institutions of ACCA, then you will be exempted from the 9 exam papers which are taken at the fundamental level. If you have done MBA then you will get the exemption all up to four papers.

Syllabus for ACCA Program
Fundamental level and professional level are the important modules of this degree. In the fundamental level, it will be your knowledge exam and your skills exam. Then in the professional level, you will have the categories of essentials and options.

In the knowledge exams, you will study the subjects of financial accounting, management accounting, accountant in business course.

In the skills exams, you will study the subjects of corporate and business law, performance management, taxation, financial reporting, auditing and insurance and financial management course.

In the essentials category, you will study and appear in the exam papers of, corporate reporting, governance risk of ethics and business analysis.

Moving to the options category, you can be selecting advanced financial management course, advance performance management course, advance taxation course, advance audit and assurance course. You should be scoring 50% marks in these papers. It is in the months of June and December that these manual papers are taken

It is within the ten years frame that you have to pass these papers of this ACCA degree. It is in minimum two years of time frame that you can complete this degree. They can be taking and opting more than 4 subjects at one single time.

Career & Jobs Options After ACCA
If you have passed with your ACCA studies, then you can be doing and going for CA,CIMA, CFA, MBA, MA economics study options.

These ACCA degree holders can become auditor, senior accountant, bankers. They can be on the job positions of financial consultant, cost controller, tax consultant, manager.

This is all about the ACCA degree, you can keep connected with us and more updated information on this degree program will be put up. No doubt you will get highly extensive job positions if you have this specific degree. Not only in Pakistan but at the international and foreign scale, you will get huge job opportunities and golden career options in the phase of your professional life.

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