Role of Women in Society (Essay For Inter & Bachelor Level Students)

English Essay on Role of Women in Society For Intermediate & Graduation Level Students

Introduction: Women have been playing an important role in the society since its inception. They have played a diverse set of roles that have helped to shape the development of the society.


Role of Women in The Early Years

The role of women in society has changed dramatically over the years. In the early years, women were typically seen as second class citizens. They were not allowed to vote or hold many positions of importance in society. However, over the years, women have made great strides in achieving equality with men. Today, they are able to participate fully in all aspects of society and have a voice that is often heard.

Role of Women in Society (Essay For Inter & Bachelor Level Students)

Role of Women in Society (Essay For Inter & Bachelor Level Students)

Role of Women in The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages were a time of great change for women in society. While there were many advances for women during the Middle Ages, there were also many limitations placed on them. For example, women could not own property or vote. However, despite these limitations, the Middle Ages were a time of great progress for women overall. For example, during the Middle Ages women began to gain more education and access to healthcare. Additionally, they began to make strides in fields such as law and business. Overall, while there were many limitations placed on women during the Middle Ages, they nevertheless made great strides forward in terms of their rights and opportunities.



Modern Age & Role of Women in Society

The role of women in society has changed dramatically over the course of history. In the Middle Ages, for example, women were considered property of their husbands and were not allowed to own property or vote. In recent years, however, women have made significant strides towards equality in many areas of life.


Today, women enjoy the same rights and opportunities as men. They can work, vote, and pursue any education they desire. However, there are still some areas where they lag behind men. For example, female unemployment rates are higher than male rates and they earn less money on average than men. Nevertheless, overall progress has been made and society is much more equitable now than it was centuries ago.


Role of Women in Islam

Islam has a long history of placing great emphasis on the role of women in society. Islam not only allows but encourages women to participate fully in all aspects of public life, but it also places a great deal of importance on their education and welfare. In some cases, women are even given more rights than men, such as the right to own land and divorce without having to seek permission from their husbands. Islam also stresses the importance of marital fidelity, which is seen as a key part of maintaining social order.



Role of Women in Development of Society

The role of women in development of society is complex and multifaceted. Historically, the role of women has been intimately intertwined with that of their families, clans and tribes. This is still true in many parts of the world where traditional gender roles are deeply entrenched. In other parts of the world, women have achieved great strides in education and professional careers.



Despite these advances, there remains a great deal to be done to empower women and promote their full social and economic participation in society. At the individual level, it is important that girls receive an education that offers them opportunities for success both inside and outside the home. At the community level, it is essential to create conditions that allow for women’s full participation in political life, economic development and social institutions.


Women Empowerment Need of The Hour

There is a need for women empowerment in the society as it has been proven that gender equality leads to economic growth and social stability. Women empowerment ensures that they are able to enjoy their rights, including their right to education and work. It also helps in reducing violence against women and promoting gender justice.


Recommended Steps For Women Empowerment

1. Educate yourself on the issues surrounding women’s empowerment.

2. Advocate for change in your community and workplace.

3. Connect with other women to build support networks.

4. Take continuing education courses and learn new skills.

5. Advocate for change in the media and entertainment industry.

6.Girls should be given free education at least up to college level.

7.50% quota in all jobs should be reserved for females.

8.Females should be given technical training free of cost.



Role of Women in Pakistan

In Pakistan, women have long been subjected to various forms of discrimination and inequality. Despite making great strides over the years, there is still a long way to go before Pakistani women can be considered fully equal members of society. In fact, many females still face discrimination in areas such as education, employment, and access to resources and opportunities.


The role of women in Pakistani society has been significantly shaped by various factors including tradition, religion, and culture. For the most part, Pakistani women are expected to adhere to traditional gender roles which typically involve performing domestic duties such as cooking and cleaning while also caring for their families. Although this system has its benefits (such as providing stability and security), it also poses challenges for women who want to break free from traditional stereotypes.


Despite these limitations, women have made great strides in society. They have fought for their right to vote, own property, and participate in many activities that were once restricted to men. Women have also made significant contributions to many fields of endeavor, including science, mathematics, and the arts.


Conclusion: Women continue to play an important role in the society today. They contribute to every aspect of life and make a significant contribution to the overall growth and development of the country. If you like this English essay on role of women in society then do read our following posts too;


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