Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Pakistan, Institutes, Jobs, Eligibility, Pay

Career & Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Field in Pakistan, Universities, Job Options, Eligibility Criteria, Salary, Job Areas

Aircraft maintenance engineering is a complex and critical process that ensures the safe, efficient operation of aircraft. It is a highly skilled field that requires years of experience and expertise. Aircraft maintenance engineers are involved in the development and improvement of aircraft through the maintenance of aircraft components, systems, structures, and subsystems. The scope of aircraft maintenance engineering includes design of aircraft components and systems as well as the process of testing, inspection, and verification. A maintenance engineer works with other disciplines to ensure that aircraft systems operate safely and effectively.

Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Pakistan, Institutes, Jobs, Eligibility, Pay

Aircraft maintenance engineers typically work in an aircraft maintenance facility. They will perform routine and preventative maintenance on various aircraft parts, such as engines, wings, fuselage and other components. These engineers will also inspect and maintain various types of aircraft equipment, including air conditioning systems, hydraulic and electrical components, navigation equipment, and cockpit instruments. They may also be called aircraft mechanics or aviation mechanics.



What is Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is the profession that ensures the safe, efficient and economic operation of aircraft. The engineer ensures that all components of an aircraft are functioning properly and meets safety standards. Additionally, the engineer participates in maintenance planning and execution to ensure timely and cost-effective maintenance.



What are the Responsibilities of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

Aircraft maintenance engineering encompasses all aspects of the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft. It may include work on aircraft engines, avionics, airframe, and other systems. Maintenance engineers typically have a degree in engineering or a related field. The engineer may also be responsible for the development and implementation of aircraft maintenance procedures. Additionally, the engineer may be tasked with conducting risk assessments, performing fault detection/ isolation, recommending corrective action and providing support to other departments within an organization such as engineering or operations.



What are the Challenges of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering?

Aircraft maintenance engineering is a challenging field that requires the ability to identify and correct problems with aircraft systems. The challenges of aircraft maintenance engineering include the need to keep aircraft in service for long periods of time, while complying with safety regulations. Additionally, maintenance engineers must be able to maintain a high level of efficiency while working under pressure.


Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Scope of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering in Pakistan, Institutes, Jobs, Eligibility, Pay



How Can You Become an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer?

There are many ways to become an aircraft maintenance engineer. Some common routes include receiving a degree in aircraft engineering, obtaining experience as a mechanic or technician in an aircraft maintenance department, or taking a certification program offered by the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Certification Board (AMECB). Additionally, many employers prefer experienced engineers who have worked their way up through the ranks. Therefore, gaining experience as a mechanic or technician in an aircraft maintenance department may be a better route to take.



Job Types
Aircraft maintenance engineers can get the jobs of aircraft engineer, consultant, research assistant, maintenance engineer, aircraft maintenance engineer,  shift In-charge officer, lecturer and scientific academic writer.



Job Areas
Being an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer you may get jobs in Pakistan navy air wing, private flying clubs, helicopters maintenance & manufacturing factories, Pakistan army air wing, PAF, space research units, PIA, local private airlines, all international airlines, Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, satellite manufacturing units, air defence and missile research centres.



Salary of Aircraft Maintenance Engineers In Pakistan
Aircraft Maintenance Engineers get very handsome salary in Pakistan. At fresher may get up to 100000 rupees monthly salary. After getting experience of 3 to 5 years they may get monthly salary of up to 400000 PKR.



How To Become an  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Pakistan?
You will have to get admission in BS  Aircraft Maintenance Engineering program for becoming  Aircraft Maintenance Engineer in Pakistan. Duration of this program is four years. FSc Pre Engineering students can get admission in this BS degree after clearing entry test and interview. ICS with Mathematics & Physics/A-Level or equivalent are also eligible. Minimum required marks in SSC and HSSC are 50%.


Some institutes in Pakistan are also offering 3 years professional aircraft engineering training program and exam in collaboration of Air Services Training Perth, Scotlan United Kingdom. Exams of this program are approve by UK civil aviation authority. Edulearn air services academy Karachi is offering this program.


Universities Offering BS AME Program in Pakistan
UOL Lahore, UMT Lahore and Aeroline Institute Of Aviation Studies Lahore are offering BS AME degree program in Pakistan.


Conclusion: If you are interested in working in the aviation industry, becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer may be the right career choice for you. With years of experience and expertise, you can help ensure the safe and efficient operation of aircraft. Last but not least following post of arqum house related to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering;


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