Precautions Before Buying Insurance Policy in Pakistan, Tips (Urdu-English)

Protection Tips & Precautions Before Buying Any Insurance Policy in Pakistan (Urdu & English)
Do you know that what kind of precautionary measures you should take if you are applying for any kind of insurance policy, we will tell you. Many people make a few of common mistakes whenever they pursue for any insurance scheme. Here is the guidance for you and precautionary measures. Below we have mentioned important dos and don’ts for our readers. So if you are signing up for an insurance agreement, do keep in mind these dos and don’ts:

Dos Before Buying Insurance Policy in Pakistan
From the website of SECP, you should have a look at the list of insurance companies that whether they are approved by the concerned authority or not! You should be knowing beforehand that why are you applying for this insurance policy and why you need it, you have to get all of these answers.

Before finalizing any insurance scheme for yourself, you have to read all of its terms and conditions. You have to honestly fill the proposal form. It is important for you to fill all details with honesty.

Do not make any mistake or error in your nomination form.

You should keep one copy of the agreement and nomination form. Make sure that you keep the record and copy of all paid installments. Once you make the payment, you should always demand from the insurance company to give you authentic receipt.

You have to analyze and keep in mind that what risks and danger you might have to face if you are signing any insurance policy scheme.

If you are changing your contact details, then notify about the complete and updated information about your insurance company.

Don’ts Before Buying Insurance Policy in Pakistan
You should not leave any field or section of your proposal form. Fill all the fields and sections and double check your form.

You have to fill your proposal form on your own. Do not let any one to fill it up for you. You should not hide any facts from the insurance company. If you will do so, then you might face problems during the phase of claim.

Do not sign the agreement once you does not understand any of the clause or term and condition. Get the complete understanding of that agreement and then sign it.

You should pay the money only in the company account. If any company employee ask you to pay the installments in his personal account, then file complaint against him right away.

If the insurance firm will give you receipt on a simple piece of paper, then do not accept that, you have to demand from them actual and genuine receipt.

It is best to remain in touch with us. We will provide more and up to date guidance regarding these sectors. If you ever had bad or good experience with such companies then share that with us so that other readers can know about these companies more and more.

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Precautions Before Buying Insurance Policy in Pakistan, Tips (Urdu-English)


Precautions Before Buying Insurance Policy in Pakistan, Tips (Urdu-English)