How To Register a Complaint in The Office of Insurance Ombudsman Pakistan?

How To Register a Manual or Online Complaint in Insurance Ombudsman Pakistan Office ? Tips in Urdu & English
The simple procedure is here to be mentioned for the readers that how can they register a complaint in the Insurance Ombudsman office which is in Pakistan, we will tell you! For the information, this office of Insurance Ombudsman was established in the year of 2006 so that the insurance disputes taking place between the policy holders can get solved. Check out the step by step procedure of filing your complaint in this office:

Steps to Register a Complaint in Insurance Ombudsman Office Pakistan
We have written down the steps in the simplest procedure and process, check out the details carefully:

Inform The Insurance Company About Filing a Complaint by Issuing a Notice in Written Form
You have to inform the insurance company that you are filing a compliant against it, this notification should be put down in the written form. You have to send total 3 notices to them, in case they did not get back to you, then you can further move yourself to the second step.

Upon Getting Unsatisfactory Reply, File for The Official Complaint in Insurance Ombudsman Office
After notifying the insurance company, you can wait for one month. After this time gap, when you see that the reply given from their side is not satisfactory then you can get start with your official and legal proceedings. After this gap, you can officially file your complaint right in the office of Insurance Ombudsman. Before reaching to the second step, you have to make sure that you did send 3 notices to the insurance company because these 3 notices copies have to be later on attached with your complaint form.

Attach All Documents With the Complaint Form
Send all of the documents with the attachment of affidavit, all proofs and other legal documents have to be attached with your form. On your application, mention the complete postal address, name and phone number data of yours. Your application has to be complete and no document has to be missing from it.

Attaching 3 Copies of Notice Which You Send to Your Insurance Company
You have to attach the 3 copies of the notice which you have send to the insurance company. Send your application on this address, Pakistan red crescent society, annexe building, near cantt station road, Karachi.

Submitting an Online Complaint Application Request
This office of Insurance Ombudsman, it also give you the option to file your application online. In case you cannot send the application in the manual form, then you can follow this online method and submit your complaint by following the exclusive medium online. You can log into the site of Insurance Ombudsman and file your complaint easily.

Now before you file any complaint in this office of Insurance Ombudsman, do have a look at this filing complaint procedure for one more time. Stay connected with us.

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How To Register a Complaint in The Office of Insurance Ombudsman Pakistan?


How To Register a Complaint in The Office of Insurance Ombudsman Pakistan?

How To Register a Complaint in The Office of Insurance Ombudsman Pakistan?


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