Get Online SECCAP CAP Form & Result 2024 (Karachi & Other Boards)

CAP Form Available Online For Admission in 1st Year Starts in Karachi, Sindh   
With the growing use of the internet, the education system is also becoming a net based phenomenon. The educational process is becoming easier and convenient. On one hand the students get the chance to study in the comfort of their home, and on the other they can search for the institutions that can be the best option. The more technically advanced mechanisms have opened several roads leading to the success and development. Today, Pakistan has joined the world of cyber success too. The conventional methods of seeking admission are no more in practice. The provincial education systems have revolutionized every moment of the academic life. From very step they want the students to feel at ease and comfort. Seeking admission in the college is one such milestone. Once the students complete their matriculation they want to become the enthusiastic participants of the higher studies starting with their college education. To give a happy beginning full of stress and panic now the students of Karachi can apply online for the college admission 2024 in first year.



Sindh E-Centralized College Admission 2017 Program SECCAP (CAP)

Get Online SECCAP CAP Form & Result 2024 (Karachi & Other Boards)


The latest admission 2024 system related to the colleges is centralized. The students submit their forms under one umbrella of the educational organization. It manages the entire system and then creates merit lists for each college individually. In the province of Sindh for a city as large as Karachi it has proved its worth as a time saving mechanism. Here it is referred as Sindh E-centralized College Admission Program (SECCAP), while the process is known as CAP. The admissions under the said have been declared open by the Director General Sindh Colleges open.



As per the official statements given by the Director General Mr. Nasir Ansar the matriculate students can now apply online for the admission 2024 in first year till 0th July, 2024. The admission 2024 process is completely free under SECCAP (CAP Form). The students will not be charged for anything including the online forms or even the admission process fee. This policy is to be implemented all over Sindh in near future, at present only those students can avail this opportunity who have cleared the matric exam from Karachi board. The entry into any college for the session beginning in 2024 is now open. According to the higher officials if any student is not able to download the form online he or she can easily visit the 57 designated higher secondary institutions to get one for themselves. The eligibility criteria are that the students must have passed their examination in the last three years.  The period has been reduced from five years to three years now.



The colleges who have been assigned the task of giving away the forms are not allowed to take any fee. In case they are found doing so they will be strictly dealt with.

Sindh E-Centralized College Admission 2023 Program SECCAP (CAP)


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