Complete ISSB Test 2024 Schedule of Five Days & Tips

Complete 5 Days Schedule of ISSB Test 2024 to Join Pak Army Along With Golden Tips
If you are one of the lucky ones who have got the call letter right from Pak army, then make sure that you start to prepare for the training and selection process schedule as conducted by ISSB. This process will take five days and here you will know the information that what is expected from the candidates to do in these five days of ISSB test 2024:


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Complete ISSB Test 2024 Schedule of Five Days & Tips


Info on ISSB Test
This ISSB which is inter services selection board, it carries out the screening test, psychological tests and aptitude assessment phases for the candidates. The final and last stage which is commenced by this selection board, it is the medical examination phase. Then upon getting selected, you will be send right to the military academies so that you can be trained more. We will start from the day 1 which is the reporting day and end our discussion on the 5th day which is the testing day. You have to clear all the phases which are part of these training days.


Reporting Day: Day 1
On this day, your all documents will be checked and chest number will also be assigned to the applicants.
Your photographs will be taken and you will be asked to write any of the unforgettable incidents that took place in your lives.


Opening Address: Day 2
Your psychological test and also your intelligence test will be taking place on this day. Then on the same day, some of the candidates will be screened out.


GTO Day: Day 3
On this day, you will be performing some of the indoor tasks. Group planning and too group discussions will take place. Then in the second half of the day, interviews and outdoor tasks will be proceeded. All candidates have to put up their best effort on this day. Note that before you appear for this ISSB test schedule, you should prior train yourself and get coaching from experienced people who have already passed this stage.


Discussion Day: Day 4
You will be performing and completing command tasks, you will be asked to process the group tasks. Make sure that you give your best on this day as great value is embedded by this day. Getting maximum marks in the command tasks, group tasks, mutual assessment tasks, you might get selected.
For the leftover candidates, they will be appearing for the interview stage and for the mutual assessment tasks.


Testing Day: Day 5
This is the conference day and note that on this day, some of the re-interviews will be commenced. Your TA/DA payments will be given to you and those who will not be qualifying, they will be send back to their homes.


This is a overall schedule which is commenced and taken by this ISSB inter services selection board. If you get qualified, then you get a chance to serve in Pak air force, Pak army or in Pak navy. This schedule only proceed and be completed in five days and in these 5 days, you will be clearly told that whether you are selected and finalized or not. Now read tips about ISSB test 2024.

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