Latest NBP Jobs 2024, Ads, Apply Online, Tips, MCQs, Sample Paper

National Bank of Pakistan Jobs 2024, Newspaper Ads, Apply Online, Tips, Syllabus, MCQs, Model Paper
National Bank of Pakistan is the top government bank of Pakistan. It plays the role of agent of State Bank of Pakistan in the areas where SBP branches are not located. Its salary package is much better than all other private or public sector banks. Now NBP has also started Islamic banking services. NBS jobs 2024 have also been announced.


Latest NBP Jobs 2024, Ads, Apply Online, Tips, MCQs, Sample Paper


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Do Not Read It For National Bank of Pakistan Jobs 2024 (Real Face of NBP)

I appear in the national bank of Pakistan of recruitment test in 2012. After that successful candidates were called for interview in the regional headquarter. Final list of selected candidates was announced after 6 months. After that we were given 2 months training with stipend. I stood first in this training. Only those candidates were given final selection letters who cleared the tests during this training period. Then we were given one year on job practical training. During this on job training we were not allowed to sign any document. We were given just stipend during this one year one job training. After successful completion of this on job training we were assigned regular posts. I had to leave the NBP after 2 years due to very inhuman behavior of bank officials on my family tragedy. I still hate this bank as my colleague who had habit of inviting bank officials on dinner and lunch has got 4 out of the turn promotions just due to flattering and hidden bribe.



In this bank merit is a bloody joke. Just be on the side of management and bribe them, you will be promoted. MNA, MPA and ministers pressurize bank officials for posting and recruitment. This pressure is welcomed as majority of management is corrupt. Never join NBP if you do not have strong political backing. This bank is running due to government accounts. It deals with all government related accounts and transactions. Otherwise not even a peon wants to open his account in this dirty bank. My own manager opened the account of a pensioner after 6 months. If you have no self respect then NBS jobs are best for you. Otherwise its trailer of hell for you. I do not want to discourage you. It was just my own experience. Nobody works here. You will be given the work load of seniors too, if you do not have strong back ground. Employees of influential family even do not come on their seats even for years, but they are given monthly salary regularly. Press can black mail them easily as very little minority of this bank follow the standard procedure.



Loans are given just to influential people. Middle class and farmers are their prime target to cover their deficit. Management is given unbelievable salary and fringe benefits. Just shut your mouth and support the corrupt members of management, is the key to success in this so called bank. For getting job in NBP you must have strong political or NBP management reference. Otherwise please avoid applying in this house of corruption and nepotism. Father of one of my colleague was officer in head office, he failed in written test, but his paper was tempered. Visit our online tests category daily for practical help about joining any schedule bank of Pakistan. Here are some useful links for those candidates who are interested in National Bank of Pakistan jobs 2024.


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National bank of Pakistan takes departmental recruitment tests for NBP jobs. Very rare it hires the services of external testing agency like NTS. You have to clear one paper mcqs paper. Very easy MCQs are asked in this test, so that persons in their pre selected officers may also qualify the written test. Interview is taken by managed board of senior officials. Just short listed candidates are called for interview. Hopefully now you can understand the meaning of short listing. These so called short listed candidates are called for very formal interview. After that they are given job offer. Yes 10% to 20% are people are recruited on merit for ace saving and avoiding any legal consequences. So if you are extra intelligent guy then please apply for national bank of Pakistan jobs 2024, otherwise do not waste your energies in this pre planned activity. After retirement of your mentor banker, or failure in election of your political support you will be treated like alien. Click on the link given below for alerts about latest NBP jobs 2024. Yes i hate NBP, it is a bogus bank which rely on government accounts, i hate it personally, but if you have any doubts about my opinion then ask any CSS or PCS topper to prove his intelligence by clearing NBP recruitment test.


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