Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages 2022-Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Whatsapp

Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages 2022 with Prices & Activation Details, Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Whatsapp
It is very important to communicate with the loved ones. Since ages the people have always tried to stay in touch. Either it was a horse rider or a pigeon the communication never stopped. It gives a feeling of staying together in all moments, of happiness, sadness, excitement etc. the world kept on changing and so the communication was remodeled too. People who took hours to write the letters now can do the work in some hours. Whether it is an email or a swiftly written short text message, it is great to reach your friends and family members living several miles away. It is even so handy that anyone can do it by moving around in a market, in a bus or train, while sitting on a dining table. Anywhere, anytime you can send your feelings to your friends. It is a great way to stay together.



Instaphone and Paktel started the mobile communication system in Pakistan. The mobile phones became popular in the country during the 1990s. It was not much longer when the other companies also entered the market like Motorola owned Mobilink. Once the company was bought by Orascom the initially owned AMPS were replaced by the GSM in the opening years of 2000. Once the mobile networks became popular, it became highly significant to ensure that there was some regulatory authority, regulations and laws governing the networks. Thus, in 2004 the Ministry of Information Technology came up with its regulatory rules. These regulatory laws emphasized upon the consumer rights and safety. With the advancements of the mobile services the cyber crimes also increased. Today 90% of the country’s cities are reachable through the mobile phones and according to the range of accessibility and usage; it is the Mobilink that ranks the first among the service providers. It has 35.7 million subscribers right now.



According to a report recently published in 2009 the people of Pakistan are sending more than 151 billion text messages. In 2010 Nokia claimed that Pakistan occupies third place due to the high SMS traffic. To facilitate the mobile customers the Mobilink has much more to offer in terms of Jazz SMS packages. Mobilink not just offers daily, weekly and monthly offers to mobilink services but also extends it to other networks. The Mobilink Jazz sms packages 2022 are available in both the pre-paid and post paid services. In order to subscribe for the SMS services, *106*desired extension according to package# is dialed from the mobile. This gives access to number of messages that can be sent for the chosen duration. Currently, mobilink is offering two kinds of bundles:


1- Mobilink Jazz SMS packages are just offering the messaging services.


2- Mobilink Jazz SMS packages (Hybrid) have SMS along with the other services.


We have given the details about all latest Mobilink Jazz SMS packages 2022 on this page in image format,so that you may download them for your any future reference. You may also view the details about Jazz 3g packages and its helpline on our website i.e

Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages 2022-Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Whatsapp



Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages 2021 For Prepaid Users

Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages 2022 For Prepaid Users


Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages 2022 For Postpaid Users


Mobilink Jazz SMS Packages 2022 For Postpaid Users


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