Mobilink 3G Internet Packages 2024 With Prices & Activation Details

Mobilink Jazz 3G Internet Packages, 2024 (Prepaid/Postpaid/Mobile Broadband) With Prices & Activation Details

These days, it’s unimaginable to live without Internet. As for every work or assignment, projects or to access any information, search engines are reached. Which cannot be done through accessing Internet. There rises a question of using Internet on cell phones if there’s no Wi-Fi available. Also, personal computers and laptops cannot be carried with yourself everywhere you go. For the purpose, cellular services are in race of providing better 3G services to its subscribers everywhere. One of such cellular Internet service provider companies is Mobilink.



Mobilink an Introduction

Mobilink, also called Pakistan Mobile Communication Limited (PMCL), has the honor of being South Asia’s first ever cellular service, which has been GSM-based since its existence. With its headquarter being in Islamabad, Pakistan, Mobilink holds the aim of reaching highest numbers of subscribers across Pakistan. It is currently serving in almost 20,000 cities, towns and villages of Pakistan. Its subscribers include both individuals and those of corporate world.



Mobilink has been the largest and most successful cellular services provider in Pakistan. It has the high-speed 3G Internet reaching up to speed of 7.1 Mbits/s. Mobilink has expanded its 3G services in more than 300 cities all over Pakistan including the major cities Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan and Faisalabad. Taking care of its customers, Mobilink makes 3G convenient to use for them. Therefore, it has launched Mobilink 3G Internet packages 2024.



Jazz 3G Internet Packages 2024

You can visit its website for the acknowledgement of its day-to-day 3G Internet packages, but there you will have to face difficulty in searching your required resource, that’s why we have uploaded the all Mobilink Jazz 3G Internet packages 2024 on this page. For prepaid customers, Mobilink offers daily bundles, late night offers, 3 day bundles, weekly bundles and monthly bundles. It gives the facilities of hamari web, Mobilink world app, z games, Mobilink web pass, Mobilink wifi, Mobilink mobile tv, free olx, gameloft, mobimusic, mobile academy and opera app store offer under the service Mobilink Internet content, all available to run through Mobilink 3G internet packages 2024. Mobilink never forgets its valuable post-paid customers, too. For them, it has launched Jazz 3G Internet packages including monthly mini, monthly max and 3G monthly heavy with affordable prices.



Mobilink Jazz 3G Packages 2024

Customers even do not have to renew the packages as Mobilink has already done this for them. Mobilink announced GPRS tariffs as well for its post-paid customers in 2024. It is now easier for them to use packages and access Internet on the go. Last but not least we want to inform you that Jazz is providing fastest 3G service in Pakistan as it is providing 3G service with 10 MHZ while other mobile service provide companies in Pakistan are still at 5 MHZ. Now when Jazz has bought Warid Pakistan, it is expected that soon Jazz will start 4G LTE service too in Pakistan.


Final Words

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Mobilink 3G Internet Packages, 2024 With Prices & Activation Details


Mobilink 3G Internet Packages 2024 (Prepaid)

Jazz Prepaid Packages 2024 (Call, 4G & Super Card)





Mobilink 3G Internet Packages 2024 (Postpaid)

Jazz Postpaid Internet Packages 2024










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