Inner Hidden Story Of UHS MDCAT Paper Leak Scandal 2017

Do you know about the inner hidden story of the UHS MDCAT paper leak scandal 2017? You might have listen about the UHS MDCAT paper leak scandal 2017! This leak scandal created a huge buzz in the whole of the Pakistan among the students who appeared in the UHS MDCAT entry test. According to the students, it was being reported around that the paper was already leak out in the market as many days before the test. Now no one knows the fact that how much reality is being interlinked with the whole storyline but somehow this leak out concept has brought about huge effect on the mindset of the coming year UHS MDCAT entry test!

Inner Hidden Story Of UHS MDCAT Paper Leak Scandal 2017

Inner Hidden Story Of UHS MDCAT Paper Leak Scandal 2017

If we would be mentioning about the last year merit of the UHS MDCAT entry test 2016, then the merit level was raised up at the unbelieveable terms. It was 88.6% in 2016 and 86.4% in the year 2015. This was an extreme increase in the percentage that was never spotted to be occurred as after the year 2008. Each single students knot them with the hope that the merit percentage will be broke down and in this hope they eventually move away from MBBS and BDS due to such merit.
On the contrary side of the story, the Educational System, Punjab Boards mentioning with the Gujranwala, Jhelum and also Faisalabad does the marking in a poor way that stops so many of the intelligent students to score good marks. So many of the students came up with the complaining factor that they did solve the whole paper at the best, still the scoring was carried out on horrible terms. Mathematics is one such subject in which you can score high full marks. But still the students were not given more than 80 marks besides of the fact that they have themselves agreed that all of their answers to the questions were correct.
For the information of the readers we would like to mention that in the UHS MDCAT entry test that is the time span of about 150 minutes for 220 questions. It means that you are eventually left with the 40 seconds for each single question. In respect with the time, the questions that were given out in the entry test were so much lengthy. The length calculations were just possible to be done through the use of calculators, but at the same time it was not allowed to make the use of calculators for the test. How it is possible?
On this whole story timeline, University of Health Sciences have themselves disagreed on the inner hidden story of the UHS MDCAT paper leak scandal 2017! They have mark up in their statements that the UHS MDCAT papers are confidential and no one is suppose to look at them as one day before the entry test. Then how is it possible that the entry test paper was leaked out as one month before the entry test. No one knows the reality behind it!

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