Everyday Science Online Quiz, MCQS

Everyday Science Online Test For Aspirant of CSS, PMS, PCS, NTS Combined Competitive Exams
Everyday science is a compulsory subject in CSS exam and it is the part of General Knowledge paper of Combined Competitive or PMS exam in Pakistan. In PCS papers conducted by FPSC and provincial public service commission and NTS recruitment tests questions about everyday science are included. Questions about all branches of science can be asked in everyday science paper including even Mathematics and IT. Our Everyday Science online quiz will certainly impress the students at large scale. Its first ever Everyday Science online quiz on our website. You may call it first drop of a heavy rain. We are committed to publish high quality MCQs taken from previous papers in our online tests. Same standard we have maintained in this Everyday Science online quiz too. Its not very hard to master the Everyday Science subjects as majority of questions are about your scientific common sense. Students of arts must concentrate on this subject more than any other subject. Important topics matter more than MCQs. Our this first Everyday Science online test should be your first step towards the complete preparation. If you will remain with us then we shall also try to clear your concepts too.

Everyday Science Online Quiz, MCQS

Everyday Science Online Quiz, MCQS

We request you to clear your concepts about all major topics of Every Day Science. Without conceptual clearance you can never attempt this paper easily in a good manner. So try to clear your concepts about Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science and Biology of at least FSc level. Now when the Everyday Science online quiz is ready for you to check your preparation, take this test right now and give your feedback too. Our facebook page will also impress you, so visit and like it too. Good luck for your future exams.

Prepare yourself online for CSS, PMS, NTS, PCS and Combined Competitive Exam. Everyday Science online quiz is consist of Multiple choice questions (MCQs).

1. Identify the noble gas


2. -Which one of these is not a computer language?


3. Which are the most intelligent bird?


4. Which is the fastest land mammal?


5. Name the largest amphibian on Earth?


6. Name the father of modern Physics?


7. What is the speed of light in miles/sec?


8. Which are the two outer planets our solar system?


9. Which is the most successful mammal on our earth?


10. Which is the largest land mammal?


11. In which subject Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan got his degree?


12. What is largest flower in the world?


13. What is the lightest metal?


14. What is the cause of HIV Aids?


15. Who invented the nuclear bomb?


16. Which planet of solar system is called red planet?


17. Name the smallest bone in human body, which is found in ear?


18. Who discovered the phenomenon of radioactivity in 1896?


19. Which is considered the most intelligent invertebrate?


20. What is the chemical formula of weakest acid i.e Acetic acid?


21. Kelvin is the SI unit of ……………?


22. Which planet of solar system is closest to Sun?



23. Which is the largest bone in human body?


24. From where radioactive rays emit?


25. Which is the smallest known mammal on earth?



26. Which is the largest invertebrate on earth?


27. Which acid is called the king of chemicals?


28. Which two planets of solar system do not have any moon?


29. Which reptile can live up to 177 years?


30. Name the fastest living bird on earth?


31. What is Milky Way?


32. Where the largest known canyon of solar system is present?


33. What is giant redwoods?



34. Who discovered the X-Rays in 1895?


35. Theory of special relativity was presented by ………………..?


36. Who presented the Big Bang Theory in 1927?


37. Which are the 4 inner planets?


38. Which is the lightest element on the earth?



39. Which is the smallest known bird on earth?


40. Which is the largest living reptile on earth?


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