American Scholarships Schemes For Pakistani Students (Urdu-English)

USA Scholarships Programs For Pakistani Students (Urdu-English)
It is just by an exchange program that you can study in the educational institutions of America. In each and every year, you will not believe that thousands number of students apply for such programs so that they can be enrolled in the USA educational institutions. You will just be studying in these foreign institutions for six months or for one year. Now read details of USA scholarships for Pakistani students.

YES Program- Youth Exchange And Study Program
Applicants should note that if your age limit range falls in between 15 years to 17 years then you are eligible for this YES program.
The duration and complete span of this program, it is one year. Your host will be the family from the America side.

The reason of introducing this YES program, so that relations between Pakistan and USA can be improved. By experiencing such a program, you know in detail about the American culture and society.

This YES program is not only about books, course and studying, in-fact, it is a well expanded program which gives an exposure to the student on a 360 degree note.

The history of this program takes us back to the time of 9/11 attacks, and that is why this YES program came into being so that sour relation between both of these countries can get little bit of improved.

This is the scholarship scheme which is devised and mainly made for the Pakistani students, in this one year studying span, you will be funded and your expenses will be covered on a scholarship basis.

Global Undergraduate Exchange Program Selection Process
Only 120 to 140 are the lucky students who get selected for this specified program. You can select any of the American university from the provided and given list and there you will successfully complete your one semester.

The undergraduate students, it is an important condition for them that they have to be studying in their fourth 4th or sixth 6th semester.

The passed out students of this semester, they will return back to Pakistan and they will put forward their contributions in that specific field in which they have completed and passed out their semester.

Your application will be approved if you belong to the bachelors program. 2 years or 4 years bachelor program students, both of them can apply.

The age limit for this American scholarship scheme, it is just 25 years. Those who exceed this age limit, they cannot apply.
It is the USA foreign department bureau of educational and cultural affairs that they decided to open and introduce this program in Pakistan in year 2010.

6 months is the duration of this program and you will complete the next and upcoming semester of yours in your own home country.
These are the American scholarship schemes which are introduced until now, stay tuned and if more youth exchange programs will get launched from the side of USA, we will update you. Now read details about American Scholarships schemes for Pakistani students in Urdu language and keep visiting and its facebook page.

American Scholarships Schemes For Pakistani Students (Urdu-English)

American Scholarships Schemes For Pakistani Students (Urdu-English)