How To Clear The Supplementary Exams?

There are so many minds who are stuck with the question that how they can clear the supplementary examinations easily. Most of the students do face the supply examinations for the reason that they are not able to pass the subject because of the poor method of learning and understanding that particular subject. So if at any stage you do face the issue of supply examinations then be sure that you do know all about your weaknesses and also should keep a complete know how about your mistakes too. Right through this piece of article we will make you learn about the helpful guidelines and tips about how you can clear supplementary examinations.

How To Clear The Supplementary Exams?

Improve Your Weaknesses:

If you do think that you are not able to perform at the best in any one of the subject then you should wait around for the result and then make the list of the weaknesses and mistakes you did face in the subject.
Submit Application Form Immediately: First of all you should clear your mind off from the stress of submitting the application form. Submit the supply application form as soon as it come up with the submission date and start off with the preparation.

Make a Proper Time Table:

You should be much conscious about making the proper time table as in which you should be dividing all the questions on the basis of the days left behind in your examinations. But be sure that you should keep 6-7 days left for the final revision of the subjects.

Dont Wait For Date Sheet:

After every final examinations, supplementary examinations are held within the time period of 40 days. So you should not be waiting around for the arrival of the date sheet at any point of time. Sometimes date sheets are announced as one week before the examinations and in this way you will waste your so many days in terms of waiting for the date sheet.

Follow SQ3R Method:

Additionally, if you are slow learner then you should be undergoing in following the method of the SQ3R method of learning. In this method you will be writing each single question as twice times.

Make List of Important Questions:

Furthermore, you should take the help of the previous supply paper examinations and should make the list of the important questions. In this way, you would be able to learn that which questions are holding much weight and has the greater chances to be asked out in the examinations.


Well above all, there are many more minor and major things that has to be kept in mind when you will be appearing in the supply examinations. Your little stress and low confidence can even make you forget all the answers which you have learnt with so much of the hard work. So be sure that you stay confident and best in your spirit. Trust yourself!

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